Data Security News Headlines 27th June, 2016

  1. African hacker held for 3.5L con

Navi Mumbai: The Turbhe MIDC police has recently arrested an African for allegedly hacking into the official email account of the director of an engineering firm in Koparkhairane and duping him of Rs 3.5 lakh. He had stolen data of the firm’s customers.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such attacks protect your mail with two way authentication, use strong password,, never open spam mails, use email filter, never subscribe mail.

  1. Researcher spots an ATM skimmer while on vacation in Vienna.

Some skimmers are designed to look exactly like the card slot on the original machine and attached to the front, and others are completely hidden inside the ATM.But, during his vacation in Vienna, Austria, cyber security expert Benjamin Tedesco spotted an ATM skimmer that was totally unrecognizable.That was a credit card skimmer – a perfect replica of the actual card reader that was designed to steal credit card information of users when they swipe their card to take off cash from the ATM.

Cyber Security Tips: Solution for such attack be aware for such skimmer device, protect yourself from hidden cameras, check for the keypads, protect your pin, check your statement regularly.

  1. WatchMojo Hacked: One Of YouTube’s Biggest Channels Compromised By Internet Trolls

WatchMojo, one of the most popular channels of YouTube with over 12 million subscribers, has been hacked. WatchMojo, were greeted with an unusual surprise on Wednesday evening, as a couple of hackers, known only as Obnoxious and Pein, hacked the lineup of the channel’s videos.Since the channel was compromised, the hackers have uploaded two new videos, Top 5 Facts about the Yakuza and a video about Neanderthal myths. Apart from these, however, the hackers have not touched anything else on the channel.

Cyber Security Tips: Solution for such attacks prevent your channel with regularly monitor for malicious activities, regularly scan for vulnerabilities, use of Intrusion Detection and prevention system.

  1. Uber Promo Code Hack Shows How To Get Unlimited Free Uber Rides

An Independent Security Researcher from Egypt has discovered a critical vulnerability in Uber app that could allow an attacker to brute force Uber promo code value and get valid codes with the high amount of up to $25,000for more than one free rides. Mohamed M.Fouad has discovered” promo codes brute-force attack” vulnerability in the sign-up invitation link for Uber that allows any user to invite another user to join the service and get one or more than one free rides based on the promotion code value.

Cyber Security Tips:  Uber need to fix the flaw, user must update the new Uber app, secure code review.

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