Data Security News Headlines 15th July, 2016

  1. Rs 130cr stolen from bank accounts in Kerala: key suspects held in Delhi

New Delhi: The key suspects in the online racket that siphoned off more than Rs 130 crore from thousands of accounts in Kerala banks have been arrested from the national capitals. Two key operator of the gang two key operators of the gang which amassed over Rs 130 crore in one year by cracking the database details of five nationalized banks were arrested by cyber police on Thursday. They are sourabh and Rishinarullah both resident of Patel nagar. According to the Manorama News report, hackers sneaked into the data servers of the banks, gaining access to personal details of customers. The fraudsters then contacted the customers, telling them that they need to update their ATM card details. To prove the credibility of their call, the fraudsters also provided the customer the 16 digits on the back side of the ATM cards. They also fiddled with the system to ensure that OTP was sent to users mobile. The culprits then asked the consumer for the OTP, using which they withdrew large sums of money…

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such kind of attack make sure while trying to share information details, never sharing of bank details with unknown persons.

  1. I am warning you, don’t read this article .It’s a federal crime

The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has taken a critical decision on the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA): Companies can seek civil and criminal penalties against people who access or visit their websites without their permission. Even Sharing Password is also a Federal Crime. The court ruling is really too broad that gives prosecutors too much power to turn your activities, such as password sharing and visiting websites, into federal crimes.

  1. DARPA challenges hackers to create automated hacking system-Wins $2 millions

DARPA has come up with an idea: To build a smart Artificial Intelligence System that will automatically detect and even patch security flaws in a system. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected seven teams of finalists who will face off in a historic battle, as each tries to defend them and find out flaws without any human control. The contest will be held at 5 pm on August 4 for over 10 hours in the Paris hotel ballroom in Las Vegas. The first winner team will take home $2 Million in prize money, while the second and third winner will get $1 Million and $750,000, respectively.

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