Data Security News Headlines 1st August, 2016

  1. SwiftKey was accidentally leaking user details; company fixing bug

NEW DELHI: SwiftKey, one of the most widely-used third-party keyboard app on Android and iOS, has reportedly been leaking users’ private data since the past few days. According to The Telegraph website, multiple SwiftKey users recently started receiving unknown contact numbers and email addresses in their keyboard suggestions. Some users have also been receiving such suggestions in different languages indicating the issue to be a global phenomenon.”

They also took to Reddit to complain about the bug. “It’s bad enough to lose a trilingual dictionary built over almost four years. Now I’m also worrying about someone getting all my suggestions,” said one user on Reddit. “I logged into SwiftKey with Google+. And now, I’m getting someone else’s German predictions with only English (UK) pack installed. I have never typed German in my entire life,” wrote another user on the platform. SwiftKey has released an official statement on the bug and said that it has disabled the ability to sync the keyboard app on new devices. In a Twitter post, the company said, “Our team is looking into this as a matter of priority.

Cyber Security Tips: Avoid to use SwiftKey keyboard until issue has been solve, you can use google keyboard instead of SwiftKey.

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