Data Security News Headlines 17th August, 2016

  1. Internet traffic hijacking Linux flaw affects 80% of android device

Around 80 percent of Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 KitKat. Recently Linux kernel flaw vulnerability found in android. It allow attacker to terminate the connections, spying an unencrypted traffic and also able to inject malware into communication. 80% of all Android devices in use today, which is nearly 1.4 Billion devices, are vulnerable to attacks, enabling hackers to spy on your communications without even compromising your network via man-in-the-middle-attack.

Cyber Security Tips: Make sure your Internet traffic is encrypted, Use a Virtual Private Network, use updated antivirus.

  1. China launches world’s 1st ‘Hack Proof’ quantum communication satellite

China has launched the world’s first quantum communications satellite into orbit aboard a Long March-2D rocket earlier today in order to test the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics at space. The satellite is designed to develop a ‘Hack-Proof‘ communications system in this age of global electronic surveillance and cyber-attacks by transmitting uncrackable encryption keys from space to the ground. The satellite’s payloads include: Quantum key communicator, entanglement emitter, entanglement source, experiment controller, processor, and laser communicator.

  1. Romanian frauds, Rs 49 thefts

At 6.27 am one morning in July, a 27-year-old man, subsequently identified as a Romanian named Gabrial Marian, entered an SBI ATM at Vellayambalam in Thiruvananthapuram. He attached a disk to ATM and set wireless skimmer. Data grabbed by the wireless skimming device and passwords captured by the camera while customers were using the ATM are suspected to have been sent wirelessly to a computer. They had thefts around 30 cards. They are arrested in Mumbai.

Cyber Security Tips:  Keep ATM devices secure from external devices, physical security at ATM, use strong passwords for access.

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