Data Security News Headlines 18th August, 2016

  1. Star heroine falls prey to cyber crime

Nargis lost Rs 6 lakh from her bank account as someone stole the PIN number and other details of her credit card and duped her of Rs six lakh with a duplicate card. She got to know about this, when she got message from bank regarding withdrawals. The fraudster made a shopping of six lakh with credit card. After the fraud she had immediately block the card and she has also registered complaint at Mumbai police.

Cyber Security Tips: Protect your credit card details, do not share your card details, and use secure browsing when you are doing online shopping.

  1. The NSA Hacked—What, When, Where, How, Who & Why?

The NSA was hacked on 15 August and leaked some files, tools and other details. It is hacked by the group “Shadow Brokers”. The group dumped a bunch of private hacking tools from “Equation Group” – an elite cyber-attack unit linked to the NSA – on GitHub and Tumblr.  The shadow group has published data in two parts one includes many hacking tools design to inject malware and other includes encrypted file containing the “best files” that they made available for sale for 1 Million Bitcoins. Over 300 computer files found in the Shadow Brokers archive have a common implementation of RC5 and RC6 encryption algorithms.

Cyber Security Tips: NSA need to improve their cyber security, they need to check for both insider and external thread

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