Data Security News Headlines 22nd August, 2016

  1. Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Twitter Account Hacked By OurMine

The hackers group OurMine compromised Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales Twitter account Saturday 20 August 2016. A tweet was sent out from Wales’ verified Twitter account that read, “RIP Jimmy Wales, 1966 – 2016. A few minutes later another tweet was posted that read, “I confirm that Wikipedia is all lies, OurMine is the true. The tweet also contained a link to a page with the OurMine logo advertising the group’s social security services. In addition to the tweets, Wales’ biography on his Twitter profile was also changed to “hacked by OurMine.”

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such kind of attacks change your password, set strong password, enable two way authentication.

  1. New Trojan Turns Linux Devices into Botnet

Researchers at Doctor Web have discovered a Linux Trojan that can turn an infected Linux device and websites into a P2P botnets. A malware is designed to infect devices in order to steal financial and personal data but ”Linux.Rex.1” malware has the ability to perform DDoS attacks from the infected device, send malicious messages and distribute itself to others networks. Once the device is infected, the malware sets it up as a bot and takes instruction from unknown cyber criminals using command and control (C&C) servers. It then distributes itself onto other networks using the same infected device. The malware program receives instructions over the HTTPS protocol and sends them to other botnet nodes, if necessary. When commanded by cyber criminals, Linux.Rex.1 starts or stops a DDoS attack on a specified IP address. Other than aforementioned functions this malware also sends spam messages to website owners threatening them with DDoS attacks.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from this malware secure your system with updated antivirus, Secure your organization network by filtering request using Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Keep backup of your data.

  1. New security protocol will protect smart cars from hacking

A team of student researchers from University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). In the US created a security protocol to protect from cyber-attacks smart cars with GPS, Bluetooth and internet connections. Yu and his student Zachary King, a junior majoring in computer science at the UALR, created a security protocol to protect smart cars from hacking in the project “Investigating and Securing Communications in the Controller Area Network (CAN)” King built an experimental environment that simulates the communication system in a smart car, which allows the security protocol to be tested through simulations. There are many ways that hackers can control CAN,” King said. Once they access it, hackers can pretty easily control your car however they want. We are proposing to add a layer of security, so if an unauthorized person accesses it, they still would not be able to control your vehicle,” King said.

Cyber Security Tips:  If you are using smart Car then it can be benefited for you, but attacker can control it by many ways so you need to wait until the solution is found.

  1. Windows 10 anniversary update causes webcam malfunction worldwide

This August, Microsoft released the Windows 10 anniversary update fully loaded with new features and stuff. This new update is the way it exploits webcams and causes them to malfunction. When users across the globe downloaded this new update for Win 10, their webcams stopped functioning and millions of users were affected by this. If you are facing the same issue and you have updated your Windows lately, then blame it on the update.

However, Thurrott reports that a fix will soon be arriving. But you can expect it to be released in September. So, if you have been trying to use Skype but are unable to do video chat then this is the reason behind its malfunction. A wide range of webcams is getting affected by this issue including Logitech C920. Whenever this cam attempts to launch HD mode, it freezes.

Cyber Security Tips: You can do to resolve the issue from affecting your Skype conversations open Registry: HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\windows media foundation\platform. In this address, add DWORD “EnableFrameServerMode” and set it at “0”. After doing this, restart Skype.

  1. Eddie Bauer’s customer info may have been targeted by malware

Retailer Eddie Bauer LLC said on Thursday customers’ payment card information used at its stores may have been accessed by unauthorized parties. A malware was used to access the data at its retail stores on various dates between January 2 and July 17, the company said. However, not all cardholder transactions during the period were affected, the company said. Payment card information used for online purchases on the company’s website was not affected. Eddie Bauer said its investigation determined that the malware attack was part of a larger attack directed at multiple restaurants, hotels and retailers. The company said it was notifying customers whose payment card information may have been involved.

Cyber Security Tips:  If you are using Eddie Bauer to purchase cloth online you need to rake about your cards, check your bank statements, avoid to pay online until issue will solve.

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