Data Security News Headlines 23rd August, 2016

  1. Kerala Cyber Warriors’ hack Maneka Gandhi’s website, demand stray dog-free India

The group of hacker name Cyber Warriors from Kerala on Monday hacked Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s People for Animals (PFA) website, pledging to make India free from stray dogs. The group’s action comes a day after 65-year-old Sheeluamma was killed by more than 50 stray dogs in Thiruvananthapuram on Sunday the group had taken control of the site and blacked it out with a message “Stray Dog Free India”. The PFA website displayed news reports about Sheeluamma’s death and provided information about the website’s hacking,

Cyber Security Tips:  Today website security is an important issue, secure your website with secure coding, use security devices, monitoring tools

  1. Mumbai: Directorate of Health Services trolled, files complaint with cyber cell

The Directorate of Health Services (DHS) on Monday filed a complaint with the cyber-crime cell of the Mumbai Police against a chain of messages circulating over the kidney racket against its director and officials probing the case. He first realized such messages are circulating when a colleague forwarded them to his on WhatsApp. The complaint requests for action against those defaming the state government over the kidney racket. Forwarded messages on WhatsApp and several tweets in the case have been attached and sent to the cyber cell for further investigation.

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