Data Security News Headlines 26th August, 2016

  1. The website of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) was hacked, exam data likely stolen

Vice-Chancellor K S Ravindranath said the university had arranged for three new servers to host the application forms of various courses. During this time, the firewall was not installed and the website ( was hacked. “As a result, they received as many as 400 application forms as blank pages,” he said. Some of the data is said to have been stolen. No sensitive information like marks cards and question papers was leaked. The data Centre was immediately shifted to the National Informatics Centre. The website restarted after the server of the examination section was updated.

Cyber Security Tips:  User is advised to keep your security devices installed while arranging new server.

  1. Apple release emergency patch after advanced spyware targets human rights activist

Apple has released iOS 9.3.5 update for iPhones and iPads to patch three zero-day vulnerabilities after a piece of spyware found targeting the iPhone used by a renowned UAE human rights defender, Ahmed Mansoor. Mansoor, 46, ‘Martin Ennals Award’ winner from the United Arab Emirates, received a text message on his iPhone on August 10, from an unknown number. Mansoor found the message suspicious and knowing that government hackers had already targeted him in the past, he forwarded that message directly to Citizen Lab researcher Bill Marczak. The zero-day exploits have allowed the company to develop sophisticated spyware tools that can access the device location, contacts, texts, calls logs, emails and even microphone.

Cyber Security Tips: Apple released the patch update, iOS 9.3.5, on Thursday, and labeled it “important,” advising its users to install the latest version of iOS as soon as possible to protect their devices against these potential security exploits.

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