Data Security News Headlines 27th August, 2016

  1. Chinese man arrested in Hong Kong over FACC cyber-attack in Austria

A Chinese citizen has been arrested in Hong Kong in connection with a cyber-attack that cost Austrian aerospace parts maker FACC 42 million euros ($47.39 million). FACC fired its chief executive and chief financial officer after the attack, which involved hoax emails asking an employee to transfer money for a fake acquisition project – a kind of scam known as a fake president incident. A 32-year-old man, who was an authorized signatory of a Hong Kong-based firm that received around 4 million euros from FACC, was arrested on July 1 on suspicion of money laundering, a spokesman for Austria’s Federal Office for Crime said.

Cyber Security Tips:  Prevent from such attack carefully handle your email and make sure before responding to emails.

  1. SpyNote Trojan (RAT); Yet Another Bad News for Android Users

New Trojan name SpyRat was found leaked on a dark net forum. Once a device is infected, it can start stealing personal and financial data, however, that’s just a start; SpyNote has much more to do that includes installing new APKs and updating itself, copying files from device to computer, view all messages on the device, access the contact list, make and listen to your calls, record or listen to audio from the microphone of the device, collect Mac address from WI-FI, IMEI number and details about carrier, and track GPS location of the infected device. Simply put: the SpyNote RAT will control your device. It is installed in system from downloading apps from third party sites.

The SpyNote APK requires victims to accept and give SpyNote many permissions, including the ability to edit text messages, read call logs and contacts, or modify or delete the contents of the SD card.

Cyber Security Tips:  Avoid to download and installed apps from third party sites, check for app permission while installing apps, use updated antivirus in your mobile.

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