Data Security News Headlines 30th September, 2016

Multiple backdoors found in D-Link DMR-932 LTE router Security researcher Pierre Kim has discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the D-Link DWR-932B router. D-Link DWR-932B LTE router is allegedly vulnerable to over 20 issues, including backdoor accounts, default credentials, leaky credentials, firmware upgrade vulnerabilities and insecure UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) configuration. If successfully exploited, these vulnerabilities could allow... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 29th September, 2016

World’s largest 1 Tbps DDOs attack launched from 150,000 hacked smart device If you using a smart device like Internet-connected televisions, cars, refrigerators or thermostats, you might already be part of a botnet of millions of infected devices that was used to launch the biggest DDoS attack known to date, with peaks of over 1... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 28th September, 2016

Facebook releases Osquery security tool for windows OSquery, an open-source framework created by Facebook that allows organizations to look for potential malware or malicious activity on their networks. OSquery is a smart piece of cross-platform software that scans every single computer on an infrastructure and catalogs every aspect of it. SQL-based queries allow developers and... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 13th September, 2016

New MySQL zero days – Hacking Website Database Two critical zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in the world's 2nd most popular database management software MySQL that could allow an attacker to take full control over the database. Polish security researcher Dawid Golunski has discovered two zero-days, CVE-2016-6662 and CVE-2016-6663. It affect currently supported MySQL versions... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 6th Sept, 2016

Hrithik Roshan's Facebook account gets hacked! Hrithik’s Facebook account was hacked by an unidentified person on Monday evening. Hrithik’s account started live streaming a video where more than 500 people joined in. They realised later that it was not the actor conducting it live. The hacker has also changed the display picture of Hrithik’s official... Continue Reading →

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