Data Security News Headlines 6th Sept, 2016

  1. Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook account gets hacked!

Hrithik’s Facebook account was hacked by an unidentified person on Monday evening. Hrithik’s account started live streaming a video where more than 500 people joined in. They realised later that it was not the actor conducting it live. The hacker has also changed the display picture of Hrithik’s official page.

Cyber Security Tips: Use strong password for your account, keep eye on your account, and enable two factor authentication.

  1. This malware can transfer data via USB emission from Air-Gapped computer

A team of researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel has discovered a way to extract sensitive information from air-gapped computers  using radio frequency transmissions from USB connectors without any need of specialized hardware mounted on the USB. The protected computer must be infected with the malware, most probably, with the help of an insider. The malware “USBee” will then send a string of ‘0’ bits to a USB port in such a way that makes the device generate detectable emissions between 240MHz and 480MHz frequencies, according to Mordechai Guri, one of the researchers.

  1. Hacker who hacked official Linux kernel website arrested in Florida

Donald Ryan Austin, a 27-year-old programmer from of El Portal, Florida, was charged on Thursday for hacking servers belonging to the Linux Kernel Organization ( and the Linux Foundation in 2011. Using the Phalanx malware, Austin allegedly installed Ebury – a Trojan designed for Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris hacking – on a number of servers run by the Linux groups, which helped him gain access to the login credentials of people using the servers.

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