Data Security News Headlines 27th October, 2016

LinkedIn get banned in Russia for complying data localization law The world's largest online professional network LinkedIn could face a ban in Russia after the company has failed to comply with a Russian data localization law. In July 2014, the Russia approved amendments to the Russian Personal Data Law which came into force in 1st... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 24th October, 2016

DDoS attack on Dyn involved 10s of millions of hacked IP addresses Two days ago when Internet was almost taken down by a series of massive DDoS attacks, Several IT security companies already discovered Mirai botnet being linked to the attack. But with time passing, researchers are sharing new and shocking details about this DDoS... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 22nd October, 2016

Massive DDOS attacks against dyn DNS service knocks popular sites offline Popular sites and services, including Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Shopify, for many users, is causing uproar online. It's because of a DDoS attack against the popular Domain Name System (DNS) service provider Dyn, according to a post on Ycombinator. Dyn DNS is used by... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 21st October, 2016

Over 43 million Weebly accounts hacked! Weebly and Foursquare are the latest victims of the massive data breach. Details for over 43 Million users have been stolen from the San Francisco-based website building service Weebly, according to breach notification site LeakedSource. Stolen passwords were stored using the strong hashing function "BCrypt," making it difficult for... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 19th October, 2016

Businessman loses 70 lakh in e-fraud AHMEDABAD: A city-based businessman lost Rs 70 lakh to hackers. Police investigators said Rahul Sheth, a resident of Pranav Bungalows in Satellite, is joint owner of Narol-based Shree Ambica Geotex, a firm specializing in plastic fabrication. It is happened due to hacker hacked companies email account. The hacking scenario... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 18th October, 2016

Hackers Breached Nearly 6,000 e-Commerce Sites Nearly 5,900 e-commerce sites has been breached by hackers and installed malware that steals victim’s credit card details, according to a security researcher. According to Dutch security analyst Willem De Groot he said that, the hackers gained access to a store’s source code using various un-patched software flaws. Stolen credit card... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 17th October, 2016

Android Banking Trojan tricks victims into submitting selfie holding their ID card Researchers have discovered a new Android banking Trojan that masquerades primarily as a video plugin, like Adobe Flash Player, pornographic app, or video codec, and asks victims to send a selfie holding their ID card. Once successfully installed, the Trojan asks users for... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 15th October, 2016

Fifty Hyderabad IT firms hit by Pakistani hackers HYDERABAD: At least 50 information technology companies have come under a wave of cyber-attacks from Pakistan-based hackers over the past 10 days, the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) comprising Hyderabad's top IT companies and police, said on Thursday. The Cyber Security Forum officials said Pakistani hackers... Continue Reading →

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