Data Security News Headlines 12th October, 2016

  1. After surgical stikes, Pak hackers target college websites in Mumbai, Gandhinagar

MUMBAI: Suspected Pakistani hackers managed to breach the websites of Government Law College (GLC) in Mumbai and a private college in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.  Mumbai, the GLC authorities lodged a complaint at the Marine Lines police station after hackers put up a message on the college website, saying “To all Indians out there…surgical strike…lolx…”,. It is happened due to GLC website is hosted through a private server and the hackers may have taken advantage of the security loopholes in it, said the officer. In a similar case of cyber-attack, suspected Pakistani hackers, who identified themselves as ‘Death Adders Crew’, hacked the website of Gandhinagar-based LDRP Institute of Technology and Research (LDRP-ITR). They posted a photograph of Pakistan’s flag and the slogan, ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, on the homepage of the institute,

Cyber Security Tips: Now Pakistani hackers are targeting Indian website, to prevent from such hacking you need to improve security of your organizations with vulnerability assessment with good penetration tester, Using some security devices i.e. Intrusion detection system, Firewall, regular update.

  1. WinRar and TrueCrypt Installer Dropping Malware on Users’ PCs

Be careful when you download WinRar or TrueCrypt installer – Researchers have found several websites distribution malware infected files for both installer. The Malware poses as a legitimate installer by manipulating the domain name. This allows it to get linked to the sites that distribute WinRar and TrueCrypt installer file. Once the user clicks on the download link, it drops malware file. Once it is installed, the Malware takes control of the entire system.

Cyber Security Tips: Avoid to use truecrypt and winrar until issue is fix.

  1. Yahoo disable emails auto forwarding; making it harder for users to move on

Yahoo! has disabled automatic email forwarding — a feature that lets its users forward a copy of incoming emails from one account to another. The company has faced lots of bad news regarding its email service in past few weeks. Last month, the company admitted a massive 2014 data breach that exposed account details of over 500 Million Yahoo users.

  1. 400 Google Play Store apps affected with malware: Report

New Delhi: Four hundred apps have been found to be affected with “DressCode” malware on Google Play Store. DressCode” malware allows threat actors to infiltrate a user’s network environment.If an infected device connects to an enterprise network, the attacker can either bypass the NAT device to attack the internal server or download sensitive data using the infected device as a springboard, said the report by software security leader Trend Micro.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such malwares use good antivirus in your mobile, avoid to click on notification and avoid to install apps from untrusted sites.

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