Data Security News Headlines 13th October, 2016

  1. Man held in Pune for ‘hacking’ bank accounts of 10 people to fund online gambling hobby

A chemical engineer Kiran Chandrakant Devkar (24), a resident of Koregaon Bhim in Shirur taluka was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing from the bank accounts of at least 10 people and using the money to fund his online gambling activities. His hacking scenario was he would search for people who have linked their Facebook accounts to their cellphone numbers, and then he would hack into the accounts to steal their personal information — he used to open these accounts by typing the cellphone number as the password. If the account opened, he would change the user name and password of the account. He would then proceed to hack and change the user name and password of the email addresses linked to these accounts. Using the email, he would gain access to the bank accounts linked to the email and he would then transfer money from the banks in online transactions to purchase ‘coins’ to play ‘Teen Patti’, an online gambling game.

Cyber Security Tips:  Secure your social media accounts with strong passwords, avoid to use your personal emails on social media, secure bank account details, use strong password to your email, avoid to use name, DOB, mobile number as password.

  1. info domain hijack; site goes down; 8 million bitcoin wallets inaccessible, the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet and Block Explorer service, has been down before few hours. The site was down at the time of writing, and the web server reports a bad gateway error, with a message on the website. It seems that their domain name has been hijacked, which was later confirmed by the BlockChain team on Reddit. Now the site is up said by team.

Cyber Security tips: If you are using then make sure that the site is up, also check your account details and change your password too.

  1. Unsecured MongoDB Database: 58M Business Firm Accounts Leaked

The famous database hosting and data storage services provider firm Modern Business Solutions (MBS) has been attacked by an unknown hacker who has managed to steal the company’s MongoDB database from its servers. It happened because lack of security in MongoDB database. It is also identified that this particular database contained critically important information such as complete name, IP address, email IDs, occupation, vehicle data and date-of-birth of about 58 million user.

Cyber Security Tips: Company need to improve their database security, user need to check their account and immediately change login credentials.

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