Data Security News Headlines 19th October, 2016

  1. Businessman loses 70 lakh in e-fraud

AHMEDABAD: A city-based businessman lost Rs 70 lakh to hackers. Police investigators said Rahul Sheth, a resident of Pranav Bungalows in Satellite, is joint owner of Narol-based Shree Ambica Geotex, a firm specializing in plastic fabrication. It is happened due to hacker hacked companies email account. The hacking scenario is “the email in name of Sheth, sent to Atlantic Coated Papers Ltd, a firm based in Canada, mentioned that they have changed the payment method and instead gave account number of Austria-based BAWAG PSK Bank for transfer of Rs 70 lakh. When Sheth followed up with the firm on the payment, it was revealed that the payment had been made to the account number specified,”

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such loss every company need to verify before making payment, keep your email secured with strong password and two way authentication.

  1. Hacked Brazzers, Epic Games, ClixSense Data Goes on Dark Web for Sale

One of HackRead’s reporters stumbled upon a marketplace where a vendor going by the online handle of DoubleFlag is selling databases of websites that were recently hacked and had their data stolen. The database contain 928072, EpicGame 277944 and the clixsense contains 6 million account. The database contains username usernames, email address with encrypted passwords, data of birth, IP addresses, Facebook access tokens, comments and activity history on both forums.

Cyber Security Tips:  If you are user from these then you need to change your password as soon as possible, use strong password to your all account.

  1. Netflix Urging Subscribers to Change Passwords to Mitigate Possible Threat

Netflix is sending emails to its subscribers urging them to reset their passwords after discovering ”some” Netflix email addresses and passwords listed on a breach at another company. During monitoring of regular security checks they found the Netflix email addresses and passwords that matched the credentials released in another company’s breach. That’s why the company decided to send notifications to its subscribers via emails for changing their passwords.

Cyber Security Tips: User has to inform that urgently change the password.

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