Data Security News Headlines 8th November, 2016

  1. Seven Indian High Commission websites hacked, sensitive information leaked: Report

Two hackers allegedly from the Netherlands claimed to have broken into seven Indian High Commission websites, publishing online the login details, passwords and database containing names, passport numbers, email-IDs and phone numbers of people of Indian origin, media reported on Monday. According to a report in E Hacking News website, the Indian High Commissions where data breach happened are in the Indian Embassy South Africa, Libya, Italy, Switzerland, Malawi, Mali and Romania. The hackers with Twitter names Kapustkiy and Kasimierz L later dumped the database on It is hacked due to sql vulnerability present in website.

Cyber Security Tips:  Indian High Commission websites need to check for vulnerability and need to patch it, also need to improve their cyber security.

  1. Wikileaks gets DDosed after leaking 8,000 DNC emails one day before U.S election

The most recent dump of more than 8,000 emails came after the whistleblowing site, on a daily basis over last four weeks, has already leaked over 50,000 emails stolen from the key figure in the DNC – Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. WikiLeaks announced on Twitter that shortly after the release of hacked DNC emails the organization was the target of a major Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Soon after WikiLeaks reported the DDoS attack on its email publication servers, Twitter also went down, and the outage lasts for at least 30 minutes.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from DDos attack filter incoming and outgoing request, secure your email server.

  1. Beware; LinkedIn Users Hit with Sophisticated Phishing Campaign

Cyber criminals are targeting LinkedIn users with a sophisticated phishing scam in which the idea is to trick the user into believing that their LinkedIn account has a security issue which can be solved only by providing their personal details. This scam is looking for users’ financial details, driving license and or passport copy. The purpose of collecting this information is to not only hijacking their account but also conduct further scams by stealing their identity. The email that is targeting users comes from postmaster [@] fnotify [dot] com. The email content also contains two links. One is a Dropbox link and other is a password reset link which leads users to the original LinkedIn password reset page.

Cyber Security Tips:  LinkedIn user has to inform that avoid to click on mentioned email, do not share any personal details with anyone, keep your personal details secured, Use strong password for your account.

  1. Cisco’s Mobile Careers Site Exposed Job Seekers Data

Cisco has warned aspiring applicants to beware of a mobile site data leak and be cautious while applying through its Professional Careers Mobile site. The company has emailed the users of its mobile careers site to warn them about ways through which a portion of their personal data was exposed. The company’s mobile careers site, reportedly contained an incorrect security setting resulting in leaking applicants’ data. The company maintains that the impact of the data leak was restricted to a limited portion of information related to job application but it indeed was directed towards obtaining personal data including name, race, gender, address, veteran status, username, password, security questions answer, disability status, education, professional profile, resume text and cover letter.

Cyber Security Tips: User need to change their account password, also keep eye on their account.

  1. 27 million account hacked and sold

If you have an account on online dating website then it is very high probability that your account has been hacked. A hacker has claimed of accessing the account usernames, passwords and email addresses for 27 million people. According to the Motherboard Vice, who first reported about the hack said that hacker has hacked over 27 million users account details, and sold them to someone else through a deal brokered on the Hell forum. Hacker managed server by exploiting SQL vulnerability.

Cyber Security Tips: User has to change their password and avoid to use  important email on such sites.

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