Data Security News Headlines 10th November, 2016

  1. Shruti Haasan Files Complaint Against Cyberstalking Doctor

Shruti Haasan has filed a police complaint against Karnataka-based doctor K G Guruprasad, who has been sending her abusive and derogatory messages via Twitter since September 7, 2016. According to the complaint, the stalker made wild aspersions on the actor’s character, personal life and even threatened to stab her if he could get near her through Twitter messages. Haasan has attached screen shots of the messages he had been sending her in her complaint as well.

Cyber Security Tips: When you are using social media, avoid to share your personal details.

  1. Microsoft patches windows zero-day flaw disclosed by google

Microsoft Threat Analysis Group publically disclosed a critical Windows kernel vulnerability (CVE-2016-7255). The vulnerability affects all Windows versions from Windows Vista through current versions of Windows 10, and Microsoft was fix the issue Tuesday. According to Microsoft’s security bulletin released, any hacker who tricked victims into running a “specially-crafted application” could successfully exploit the system bug and gain the ability to “install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.” Once exploited, the bug could be used to escape the sandbox protection and execute malicious code on the compromised Windows machine.

Cyber Security Tips: Users and companies make sure that their Windows PC is up-to-date with all of Microsoft’s latest security fixes as of today.

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