Data Security News Headlines 14th November, 2016

  1. Facebook buys stolen passwords on the black market to protect your account

Alex Stamos, the Chief Security Officer at Facebook, stated that the social network Facebook has bought passwords sold by hackers on the Black Market and cross-referenced these passwords with the ones encrypted on their platform thereby protecting their users. The passwords bought from the Black Market are those that were stolen from mass data hacks like Yahoo, Dropbox, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace and are now offered for sale by the hackers.

  1. Computer System of Canadian Casino Hacked; Financial Data Stolen

Casino Rama is an Ontario, Canada-based casino. According to reports the casino has suffered a massive data breach in which personal data of its customers and staff has been stolen. data including Casino’s financial and salary records, credit collection records and social security numbers all the way back to 2004. Reuters report suggests that Rama administration believes the hackers will leak the data online soon. It is unclear, as is usual at an early stage, how their computer systems were accessed and they cannot confirm whether the slot machines were compromised or not. Rama has 2,500 slot machines in their casino, and if they were somehow compromised the casino will have a huge job ahead of them.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such attack secure your infrastructure with firewall, Intrusion detection and prevention system, also monitor network for security breaches.

  1. Google Pixel hacked in less than 60 seconds by Chinese hackers team at PwnFest 2016 held in Seoul

Google Pixel smartphones were hacked in less than 60 seconds by a group of White hat hackers in China. A Chinese team of hackers from Qihoo 360, security Software Company took part in PwnFest 2016, a hacking competition held in Seoul, South Korea and broke into the Google Pixel phone. The white hat hacker’s team presented a breach allowing them to install and execute codes remotely on the Google Pixel phone. The Chinese team, using a zero-day vulnerability also demonstrated accessing Google Play store and mobile Google Chrome web browser  with a message that read “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team”.  The hacker team won a cash prize of $ 120,000 for breaching into the Google Pixel smartphones.

Cyber Security Tips: Keep your devices updated with latest patch, do not install third-party apps from untrusted sources or shared APK files and use updated antivirus in your mobile.

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