Data Security News Headlines 23rd November, 2016

  1. Canadian Army Recruitment Site Hacked; Redirected to Chinese Govt Webpage

Canadian Army Recruitment Site Hacked and its redirected to Chinese Govt Webpage. And they didn’t leave any traces. On Thursday, the visitors of were in for a surprise. is a Canadian armed forces’ website that is dedicated to recruitment and interested candidates usually visit this site for information purposes. When people logged on to this link on Thursday, they found that the page offered information and statements about ministers and government officials in China. The site has been hacked and the page is redirecting visitors and users of to an official page of the Chinese government. According to sources from the government, this recruiting website was being externally hosted by a private host. It was, though, made clear that none of the servers at the Department of National Defense have been compromised.

Cyber Security Tips: Canadian government need to fix the issue, also they need to improve their cyber security, keep monitoring network for anonymous activity.

  1. Locky ransomware distributed through mails

Locky ransomware being distributed through fake ISP complaint e-mails stating that spam has been detected from the computer.  These emails contain a subject of Spam mails and contain a zip attachment with a name like logs_ [target_name].zip. Inside this ZIP file is a JS file that when opened will download and execute the Locky ransomware. An encrypted DLL will be downloaded after the attachment is executed which will decrypt into %Temp% folder of the machine.  This DLL file will then be executed using the legitimate WINDOWS program called Rundll32.exe in order to install Locky on the computer. Once Locky installed onto the computer, it will scan the system for certain file types and encrypt them after which a ransom note will be displayed providing information on how to pay the ransom.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from Locky ransomware avoid to open spam mails, secure your email with strong password.

  1. Baahubali-2 video leaked; case registered against graphic designer

HYDERABAD: Raw visual footage of Baahubali-2 was stolen and uploaded on social media without permission, the producer of the movie alleged in a complaint with the Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad. The producer’s team also found out that Krishna Dayanand Chowdary, a trainee graphics designer working at the Annapurna studios stole the footage by logging into the server,” ACP Cyber Crimes, Hyderabad commissionerate, KCS Raghu Vir said. The film producer told police that his team found Baahubali-2’s two video clippings of total nine minute length in Krishna’s computer. Subsequently, Krishna confessed to have shared the video clippings with two of his friends, Aishwarya and Akhil of Vijayawada on Monday night through WhatsApp.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such a leak every producer need to secre their servers with strong security.

  1. Minority commission head’s email hacked

HYDERABAD: State Minorities Commission chairman Abid Rasool Khan found his email account hacked on Tuesday. The issue came to light after his acquaintances informed him of an email sent from his address which sought financial assistance from recipients. He also said that hacking of email accounts contains confidential information. “I have been getting calls about the email since morning. I have informed the authorities of the issue,” he said.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from email hacking keep your email secure with strong password, two way authentication, avoid to open

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