Data Security News Headlines 29th November, 2016

  1. San Francisco metro system hacked with ransomware; Resulting free rides

On Friday, more than 2,000 computer systems at San Francisco’s public transit agency were apparently got hacked. San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency, also known as MUNI, offered free rides on November 26th after MUNI station payment systems and schedule monitors got hacked by ransomware and station screen across the city started displaying message “ou Hacked, ALL Data Encrypted. Contact for Key (, Enter”. According to report by MUNI all ticket systems are hacked with ransomware. They are working on resolving the issue but they didn’t get any details. The target machine is typically infected by accidentally opening a malicious executable in an email or download, and then the malware spreads out across the network.

Cyber Security Tips: To keep from ransomware assault make your system secure with antivirus, keep reinforcement of your information, and abstain from opening messages which are spammed.

  1. ATMs new targets for cyberattacks in India: Report

NEW DELHI: At a time when people are making serpentine queues at ATM to withdraw cash a new report said on Monday that cyberattacks on ATMs will rise in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in 2017. ATMs in underdeveloped countries are particularly vulnerable as those countries still have old ATM software and are running Windows XP. This makes them the perfect target for an easier score,” US-based cybersecurity company FireEye claimed in its “2017 Security Landscape-Asia Pacific Edition” report.

Cyber Security Tips: To keep from this hack banks are entirely suggested that protected their ATMs with CCTV, Piece outside gadgets in ATM, Utilize antivirus in System and Users are entirely prescribed that keep their bank information secure.

  1. ‘Likely Hacker Attack’ Hits Almost 1 Million German Homes

Around 900,000 customers using specific models of router have been affected since Sunday afternoon, the firm said, with some unable to connect at all while others suffered intermittent problems.  There is no details of which models of router network hardware that connects households to their internet and telephone service provider were affected. Telekom spokesman told AFP, saying software had been installed on the devices that prevented them from connecting to the company’s network.

Cyber Security Tips: Today web clients are as a rule some portion of DDOS assault, to keep from this assault make your framework secure with antivirus, utilize firewall, stay away from to visit malignant sites and dodge to opening spam messages.

  1. Clicking WhatsApp links making users vulnerable to cybercrime

London: Giving away a warning to all WhatsApp users across the globe, a report said that clicking on the links circulated on instant messaging app may expose and make them vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to report hackers are using simple tricks to fool people into visiting booby-trapped websites and then fleecing them. Daily hackers are sending a message to WhatsApp your to compromise smartphones. Hackers are sending a link contain malicious code which will executes once you visit it.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are entirely prescribed that stay away from to tap on any connection, check URL before tapping on it.

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