Data Security News Headlines 30th November, 2016

Date 30/11/2016

  1. Is Paytm Hacked? Once Check Your Paytm wallet and Saved Cards??

It is heard that Paytm Website Hacked and we also saw Paytm hacked scrolling in ABN Andhrajyothy news channel. The news is going viral on social media saying “hurry up guys delete all saved cards and bank accounts etc. from Paytm already 2.5lack accounts hacked” According to the report hackers had obtained admin rights to the portal, after hacking into the portal’s servers and were able to bypass the payment gateway page. Therefore, whenever users placed a recharge order for their prepaid mobile phones, DTH cards or data cards, these hackers would send the top up amount to the respective users But Sonia Dhawan, DGM, Paytm said recent speculations about the Paytm data breach is both false and misleading. Paytm is a PCI DSS certified firm and follow the industry best practices to ensure all data at Paytm continues to be 100% safe and secure.

Cyber Security Tips: Paytm hacked is not confirmed by Paytm group but rather clients need to keep watch on their paytm accounts, change your secret key, Check for your spared card account.

  1. Female DDoS Attacker Charged with Crippling School System

A senior female student at Franklin Regional High School was charged by the police for carrying out a series of cyber-attacks on not one or two but more than 12 local school districts. Police have charged her with the illegal use of a computer and for disrupting a computer system intentionally. The affected school districts include three career and technology centers of the country, Greensburg Salem, Ligonier Valley, Greater Latrobe, Kiski Area, Jeannette, Burrell, Monessen, Hempfield Area, Greensburg Central Catholic, and Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. According to investigation she launched three attacks on the district’s system and she exploited the high school computers for this purpose and police also found 8 PCs, tablets, laptops and also King’s cellphone.

Cyber Security Tips: To keep from DDOS assault utilize Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Use firewall to filtered request, utilize upgraded antivirus in your framework

  1. Cyber-attack knocks nearly a million routers offline

More than 900,000 broadband routers belonging to Deutsche Telekom users in Germany knocked offline over the weekend following a supposed cyber-attack, affecting the telephony, television, and internet service in the country. Deutsche Telekom, which offers various services to around 20 Million customers, now customers are suffering from internet issues. According to report it is happened due to critical Remote code Execution flaw in routers made by Zyxel and Speedport, wherein Internet port 7547 open to receive commands based on the TR-069 and related TR-064 protocols, which are meant to use by ISPs to manage your devices remotely. According to Shodan search, around 41 Million devices leave port 7547 open, while about 5 Million expose TR-064 services to the outside world.

Cyber Security Tips: Customers entirely suggested that quickly upgrade their routers firmware with most recent one.

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