Data Security News Headlines 3rd December, 2016

  1. Your debit/credit card can be hacked in less than 6 seconds: Research

LONDON: It may take as little as six seconds for hackers to guess your credit or debit card number, expiry date and security code, say scientists who were able to circumvent all security features meant to protect online payments from fraud. There is flaw in VISA payment system, researchers from Newcastle University in the UK, found neither the network nor the banks were able to detect attackers making multiple, invalid attempts to get payment card data. Firstly, the current online payment system does not detect multiple invalid payment requests from different websites,” said Ali. “This allows unlimited guesses on each card data field, using up to the allowed number of attempts – typically 10 or 20 guesses – on each website,” he said and also some website are ask for different variation to validate payment using card.

Cyber Security Tips: Only VISA network is vulnerable said report, recommendation for this try to use internet banking instead of card payment for online shopping,

  1. Aadhaar all set to replace PIN, password

NEW DELHI: Aadhaar number is all set to become an alternative for all online and card transactions which require password and PIN. Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is developing a mobile app that can be used by shopkeepers, merchants or individuals for receiving payments. A B Pandey, CEO of UIDAI, explained that online transactions can be executed between two people having bank accounts linked with Aadhaar by just feeding the 12-digit unique identification number in the mobile set equipped with the Aadhaar-enabled app which will be used for authenticating biometrics — fingerprints or iris of person making payment. Pandey said the government is working with mobile manufacturers for producing mobile sets equipped with technology to authenticate biometrics which can enable Aadhaar-based transactions

  1. New hacking attempt on Saudi Arabia’s government computers

Riyadh: Saudi authorities have detected fresh attempts by hackers to disrupt government computers on Friday. The National Cyber Security Centre “detected destructive electronic strikes against several government agencies and vital establishments”, Arab News reported. Hacker’s from UK are trying to implant malware and virus to disturb user’s data. The malware was configured with passwords that appear to have been stolen from the targeted organizations and were likely used to allow the threat to spread across a targeted organization’s network.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from this attack Saudi government need to check for security breach and need to patch it, using updated antivirus in computers and avoid to visit malicious websites.

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