Data Security News Headlines 5th December, 2016

  1. Narendra Modi’s app hack to demonstrate security flaw

NEW DELHI: A 22 year-old hacker Javed Khatri claimed that he was able to hack PM Narendra Modi app which is separate from the official app and is available on Android, iOS and Windows, according to a report by Your Story. The PM had recently called for the nation to use the app for a survey having 10 questions about demonetization. App is hacked due to lots of security holes present said Javed. After successfully hack he is able to access private data of any user on the app. The data includes phone number, email, name, location, interests, last seen etc. He has also shared a couple of screenshots to prove the legitimacy of his hack.

Cyber Security Tips: App designer need to check for loop holes present and need to patch it, users need to wait until issue has been solve and avoid to install app until the issue fix.

  1. Gone: Russian Central Bank hacked; $31 million stolen

Russian banks suffered a series of massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Now hackers steal money from banks. Hackers have managed to steal millions of dollars from the Central Bank Russia to prove that it is vulnerable and easy-to-exploit. The actual target of hackers was to steal 5 billion rubles ($78 million) but due to the intervention of the central bank’s authorities, they only managed to get away with 2 billion rubles or $31 million. The bank’s authority reduced the intensity of the attack by redirecting the funds, said security executive of the central bank Artiom Sychev. As per the investigations conducted (FSB), Federal Security Service of Russia, the hackers used a collection of computer servers based in the Netherlands to carry out the hack attack on Russian banks this  computer servers are used for launching DDOS attack. Due to this attack websites are flooded with huge data traffic and resultantly the sites’ operations are halted.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such DDOS attack use firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System to filter request, using IP blacklisting method and using updated antivirus in your infrastructure.

  1. Israeli News Channels’ Telecast Hacked; replaced with Muslims’ call to prayer

Two main news channels in Israel were hacked and the attackers broadcasted a 30-second clip showing images of Muslim holy sites and Quranic scriptures. The timing of this hacking is quite sensitive as the news channels were hacked when the parliament was about to start voting for passing a bill aimed at banning Muslims’ call to prayer. The hack attack believed to be a work of Muslim hackers, occurred on Tuesday night while the voting was to commence on Wednesday. During the attack, the regular transmission of the private news channels “Channel 2 and Channel 10” were interrupted and instead of the evening program, the screen showed holy cities of Muslims and the sound of Adhan filled the background. Investigation is going on, hack reason is not found yet.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such kind of hack using web application firewall, secure coding, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and check for input validation.

  1. Cyber-attack struck down Talk Talk and Post Office routers

Thousands of Talk Talk and Post Office customers were hit by a cyber-attack in the U.K. when the internet access was struck targeting certain types of internet routers. Attack uses “Mirai worm” that took some of the world’s most popular websites offline in October and this time it began on November 27 affecting about 100,000 of its customers. It is happened due to vulnerabilities present in customers router said report. MIrai Worms spread in computer by hijacked computers, which causes damage to equipment powered by Linux-based operating systems. Some vulnerable models includes including the Zyxel AMG1302, which is used by the Post Office. Due to this attacks routers stop providing internet connection. The attacker is not found yet and there is no data compromised said report.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strictly recommended that immediately update their router firmware with latest one.

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