Data Security News Headlines 6th December, 2016

  1. Video-sharing Website Dailymotion Hacked; 87 Million Accounts Leaked

France-based Dailymotion is one of the most visited video-sharing websites after YouTube, has suffered a massive data breach in which a hacker whose identity is unknown successfully stole 87 million accounts and shared with LeakedSource. Data breach took place on 20th October 2016 allowed the hacker to steal usernames, emails and hashed passwords. But good news for users around 18 million users had their passwords protected with Bcrypt hashing algorithm which hard to decrypt. Still the reason is unclear said by team. Bcrypt is a cross platform file encryption utility. Bcrypt uses the blowfish encryption algorithm published by Bruce Schneier in 1993

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strictly recommended that immediately change their password and use strong password. If you used same email for multiple account then change their password as well.

2. Chrome 55 Patches 36 Flaws, Blocks Flash by Default

Google has released Chrome 55 to resolve 36 security vulnerabilities and to switch the popular Adobe Flash plugin off by default. Researcher had reported 26 flaw in chrome which are 12 of these security issues were rated High risk, 9 were rated Medium severity and 5 were considered Low risk. The vulnerabilities includes CVE-2016-9651, CVE-2016-5204, CVE-2016-5205, CVE-2016-5207, CVE-2016-5208, CVE-2016-5206, CVE-2016-5203, CVE-2016-5209, CVE-2016-5210, CVE-2016-5211, CVE-2016-5212, and CVE-2016-5213.

Cyber Security Tips: If you are using google chrome then immediately update your chrome browser.

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