Data Security News Headlines 20th December, 2016

  1. Brute Force Attacks on WordPress Websites Soar

WordPress security firm Wordfence has warned that the number of brute force attacks aimed at WordPress websites has increased significantly in December compared to the previous period also hackers are targeting vulnerability present in WordPress. Malicious users are often exploit vulnerabilities to hack WordPress websites, brute force attacks, where attackers attempt to guess a site’s username and password. Wordfence has been monitoring brute force attacks and noticed a significant increase in the past three weeks. In the period between October 16 and November 24, the number of websites attacked each day was under half a million. However, the number of daily attacks soared starting with November 24, on some days exceeding 700,000 attacks. According to report the attacks have been traced to tens of countries, but Ukraine accounts for the largest percentage of attacks (15.7%), followed by France (11.1%), Russia (6.8%), the U.S. (6.6%), India (5.8%), China (4.2%), Germany (3.2%), Italy (2.4%) and the U.K. (2.2%).

Cyber Security Tips: WordPress team need to check the issues, vulnerabilities, if any issues are found then need to find solution on it and if you are using WordPress CMS then check for your WordPress version and to prevent from brute force set after three failed login attempts, the account is locked out until an administrator unlocks it.

  1. falls prey to hacking, 55,000 user accounts affected

LinkedIn-owned has also fallen prey to hacking. The online learning company is notifying its 9.5 million users alerting them of a database hack. According to report the hack includes contact information and courses some users viewed. The breach was confirmed to VentureBeat by a spokesperson who says that is alerting every one of the third party access even if they were affected or not. The company believes that over 55,000 user accounts along with their passwords, learning data, courses viewed, and contact information were breached. The third company data breach contains user’s data said by company.

Cyber Security Tips: Due to recent data breaches there is possibility of compromise your account, so users are strictly recommended that immediately change their passwords of all accounts and use strong password.

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