Data Security News Headlines 22nd December, 2016

  1. Phishing attack on LA County computers; personal data of 756k people stolen

The Los Angeles County employees have become the victim of a phishing attack and as a result, the data of around 756,000 individuals has become vulnerable to exploitation. County has confirmed that a breach was carried out after a Nigerian hacker targeted around 108 employees. It is happened due to phishing attack, attack scenario is the attacker sends out an infected file or attachment in an email or message. If the recipient opens the attachment, the virus/malware gets transferred onto the system and the computer gets infected and the attacker receives the login credentials of the computer. Then the hacker controls the computer through a server and can easily obtain the data, according to a statement released by the County of Los Angeles Chief Executive Office, the breach occurred on May 13, 2016. Sensitive departments including the Assessor, Chief Executive Office, Children and Family Services, Child Support Services, Health Services , Human Resources , Internal Services ,Mental Health , Probation , Public Health , Public Library , Public Social Services , Public Works.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from phishing attack, avoid to open spam mails, check the information included in link,  enhance security of your computer by using updated antivirus, avoid to registered your official mail anywhere, avoid to click on links which are redirecting, and avoid to provide your credentials when you redirecting by clicking on links.

  1. OurMine hackers hack Marvel and Netflix Twitter accounts

The hacking group OurMine is back once again, the new targets are official twitter account of Marvel and Netflix. Marvel Heroes is originally known as Marvel Heroes, is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game developed by Gazillion Entertainment and Secret Identity Studios and Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company. Twitter accounts of Netflix US and Marvel entertainment are took place on Wednesday morning.

OurMine group posted message on both targeted companies twitter timeline “Hey It’s OurMine, Don’t worry we are just testing your security ‘.

Cyber Security Tips: Now hackers are targeting social media accounts, this is happening due to recent data breach, users are strictly recommended that avoid to use same password for different account, keep changing your password and use strong password.

  1. Rakos Malware Takes Over Embedded Linux Devices

According to ESET security researchers, malware targeting embedded Linux systems can provide attackers with full control over the infected devices. The Rakos, the newly discovered malware is attacking vulnerable devices via brute force SSH login attempts, a method already observed in various other Linux threats. The new malicious program is looking to infect both embedded devices and servers that have an open SSH port by preying on their weak credentials, with the purpose of building a large botnet. Rakos is written in the Go language and has a binary compressed with the standard UPX tool. Hacking scenario of Rackos malware is first remote request is sent to the device via SSH port, a response containing the IP address is received, also sends an initial HTTP request containing important information about the victim device to the C&C server, then it start scanning, then malware loading its configuration via standard input (stdin) in YAML format. This configuration file includes various information, including a list of command and control (C&C) servers, the credentials that are used to brute-force devices, and internal parameters. This is then used for DDOS attack said researcher.

Cyber Security Tips: Check for the open ports and close the port which are opened but not necessary and use updated antivirus to detect malware.

  1. Ukraine Suffers Power Outage Possibly Due to Energy Plant Hack

According to Ukrainian energy provider Ukrenergo, a cyber-attack on Kyiv’s power grid may have caused the power outages in the country on Saturday, December 17. The blackout affected the northern part of Kiev, the country’s capital, and surrounding areas, said director of Ukrenergo. After the incident, Ukrenergo engineers switched to manual mode and started restoring power in approximately 30 minutes in an effort to deal with the cyber-attack. Power was fully restored after just an hour and fifteen minutes of the blackout. Reason of hack is not found yet but it may be happened from external interference through data network said expert. There is no link found yet and investigation is going on said company.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such hacking secure your network with security devices i.e. firewall, Intrusion detection and Prevention System, Using updated antivirus.

  1. Anonymous Shut Down Thai Sites Against Internet Censorship

The government of Thailand has been under the hammer of internet activist groups since the parliament approved an amendment to the 2007 Computer Protection Law. After the bill was passed into a law, the websites of the National Security Agency and the Ministry of Defense became inaccessible on Tuesday. According to report six government websites, including the two mentioned above, were DDoSed including the public page of the ruling junta party, National Security Guard website and the webpage of the Ministry of Digital Economy. A local internet activist group has claimed the responsibility of the attacks. The group calls itself the Civilians against Single Gateway and maintains that Anonymous, the infamous hackers collective, aided them in accomplishing the task. Hackers had launched DDOS to down the sites said report.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from DDOS attack keep request filtering of request by using firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.

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