Data Security News Headlines 28th December, 2016

  1. Did You Install Super Mario Run APK for Android? That’s Malware

According to new research if you have downloaded a Super Mario Run APK for your Android device, Beware! That’s definitely a malware because super Mario Run has currently been released only for iOS devices and is not on Google Play, it caused a lot of disappointment among Android users. Unofficial Super Mario apps on many third-party Android app stores turn out to be malware or viruses that attempt to look like the legitimate Super Mario Run app. This malicious apps can even take full control of your Android device, as the apps request privileges to edit, read, receive and send text messages, take photos and record videos and track your location using GPS. One of the apps titled “Super Mario” creates additional icons, displays pop-up and banner ads, installs other malicious apps onto victim’s smartphone, and performs other intrusive activities without any user’s interaction, according to Tokyo-based Trend Micro antivirus firm, which detected malicious Super Mario apps 90,000 times this year.

Cyber Security Tips:  Android users are required to wait for the official Google Play release. You can also go to Settings → Security and make sure “Unknown sources” option is turned off.

  1. Multiple Vulnerabilities Impact ZyXEL Customized Routers

Various ZyXEL customized routers are plagued by several vulnerabilities and by default login credentials, SecuriTeam security researchers warn. The flaws were found in the equipment distributed by TrueOnline, a major Internet Service Provider in Thailand. Manufactured by ZyXEL, the routers run a special version of Linux called “tclinux,” with three models being particularly widespread, namely ZyXEL P660HN-T v1, ZyXEL P660HN-T v2, and Billion 5200W-T. While P660HN-T v1 was distributed up until 2013, the 5200W-T models is currently being distributed to new clients, Securi reveals. The vulnerabilities includes include an unauthenticated remote command execution vulnerability in P660HN-T v1; unauthenticated remote command execution and authenticated remote command execution flaws in Billion 5200W-T; and an unauthenticated remote command execution vulnerability in P660HN-T v2. So that attacker easily gain access router using default credentials, once his success able to access configuration and modification of settings.

Cyber Security Tips: Company is working on patching the vulnerabilities, temporary recommended for users is to keep monitoring your router and disable default credentials if possible and use strong password to your admin account.

  1. Man Jailed for uploading UK’s Top 40 singles on The Pirate Bay and KickAssTorrents

The 39-year old Wayne Evans admitted to uploading the UK’s Top 40 singles on different torrent websites such as KickAssTorrents and The Pirate Bay. He has been sent to prison for 12 months. According to details released by PRS for Music, the accused used the pseudonym OldSkoolScouse and illegally distributed top hit songs online on popular torrent sites. He kept on sharing the torrents online on a weekly basis and uploaded around 200 songs. Additionally, he also distributed music via his personal website on which he released “acapella” music for DJs and remixers. Evans also ran Both of his websites were seized by the PIPCU, the specialist nationalist police of the UK.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such hack keep your data secured with security devices and use strong password and encryption.

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