Data Security News Headlines 2nd January, 2017

  1. National Security Guard site hacked, lens on Pakistan’s role

NEW DELHI: Alone Injector Hackers suspected to be affiliated with Pakistan attacked the official website of the elite National Security Guard (NSG) on Sunday, defacing the home page with a profanity laden message against Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as anti-India content said report. They also left the message “Pakistan Zindabad” on the home page. Officials said the hack was noticed on Sunday morning, and the URL blocked soon after the attack. Reason of hacking is not disclosed yet and the site is still down. Investigation is going on.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from website hacking use secure code review method, do vulnerability assessment and penetration testing from expert team. To get excellent VAPT service visit

  1. IIT-Madras websites hacked

CHENNAI: Some auxiliary websites of the IIT Madras here have been found hacked and the institute said it was examining the “vulnerabilities” that led to the hacking. The institute said it runs a “main website and auxiliary sites,” and these were “maintained by different entities,” such as “Centre’s, labs and student bodies. Main website of IIT-M ( has not been hacked. The hacked websites include ,  and Some content of the university might be compromised after the websites were hacked, said IIT-Madras director of Bhaskar Ramamurthy. It is happened due to lack of security and vulnerability exists in website.

Cyber Security Tips: Collage website is good target for hacker, to protect from such hacking every collages need to check their website as well as network security with Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing. To get excellent VAPT service visit

  1. Derialock is new screen lock ransomware

New ransomware family named DeriaLock, which locks your screen and requests a payment of $30. DeriaLock is from the first category, of ransomware families that lock your screen and prevent users from accessing their files or applications but leaving the data intact. Once it successfully locked your screen and displays message with two buttons that when clicked, provide translations of the ransom note in German and Spanish. Only the German translation button works said report. If users press the ALT + F4 keyboard shortcut to close the screen locker, a popup appears that reads: “I think that is a bad decision. Nice try mate =)” as per research. But DeriaLock requires the .NET Framework 4.5 to be installed, which means it won’t work on Windows XP machines.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such ransomware secured your system with antivirus, keep backup of your data and avoid to install any software from untrusted sources.


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