Data Security News Headlines 3rd January, 2017

  1. The revenge has been taken! Pakistan websites hacked

After the National Security Guard (NSG) website hack, it was time for Indian hackers to hit with their best keystrokes. They hacked and injected ransomware on over three Pakistan airport websites. Indian hackers have hacked and injected ransomware on over three Pakistan airport websites. Indian hackers claimed that this was to avenge hacking of the official website of the elite National Security Guard (NSG) by their counterpart in Pakistan. As per report Indian hackers on Monday night claimed to have hacked Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan International and Karachi airport website, , . According to report Indian hackers Not only have hacked and brought the website down, but have also injected it with a ransomware malware which restricts them to restore their website. Indian hackers locked the access to the websites and are demanding bitcoins (virtual money) in exchange of unlocking it.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from website hacking use secure code review method, regularly back up your data, do vulnerability assessment and penetration testing from expert team. To get excellent VAPT service visit

  1. Paramilitary man arrested for hacking Kareena Kapoor’s IT account

The cyber police on Monday arrested a 26-year-old Central armed police employee who is a  fan of actress Kareena Kapoor for allegedly hacking her income tax account in September last year. The official who hails from a North Indian state has told the cyber police that he hacked her Income Tax account so that he could get access to her mobile number using which he could talk to her. A team lead by assistant police inspector S Gaund found that the accused had used the mobile phone to hack into the account. “A mobile phone too has several IP addresses assigned to it. We had to figure out which phone had been allotted the IP address when the fraud took place,” an officer said, while searching online for her mobile number got her PAN card details. He used the pan card details to get into her account. Investigation is going on said officer.

Cyber Security Tips:  To protect yourself from such a hack keep secure your personal data, avoid to publish your personal details publically, keep your important document such as PAN, Adhar, and Voting card secure.

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