Data Security News Headlines 5th January, 2017

  1. KillDisk Malware Targets Linux Machines

The destructive KillDisk malware previously associated with attacks targeting industrial firms was recently observed infecting Linux machines as well. The malware is associated with a threat group dubbed TeleBots, which is believed to be an evolution of the Russia-linked BlackEnergy (Sandworm) group. The file-encrypting variant of KillDisk, which was detailed last month, was targeting Windows systems, encrypted files, and demanded $250,000 for the decryption key. The security researchers warn that KillDisk is now targeting Linux systems, including workstations and servers, which is likely to cause even more damage. The ransom message is similar with the one used in the Windows variant, and the same is true for the demanded ransom: it is still 222 Bit coin, or around $250,000.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from this malware avoid to open spam mails, protect your computer with updated antivirus.

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