Data Security News Headlines 13th January, 2017

  1. Phone-Hacking Firm Cellebrite Got Hacked; 900GB Of Data Stolen

Cellebrite, the popular company that provides digital forensics tools and software to help law enforcement access mobile phones in investigations. As per news published in hacker news, cellebrite firm has been hacked and 900 GB of data has been stolen by unknown hacker. But the hacker has not yet publicly released anything from the stolen data archive, which includes its customer information, user databases, and a massive amount of technical data regarding its hacking tools and products. The data includes customers name, password. As per investigator hacker had took access in web server and stolen data.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such hacking, keep your web server secure with reputed antivirus, do Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing to know your server vulnerability, perform server hardening to check server policies and open port.

  1. Your ‘peace’ selfie can lead to fingerprint theft

According to new research by a team at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII), now hacker can steal your fingerprint while you are clicking selfies. Fingerprint recognition technology is becoming widely available to verify identities, such as when logging on to smartphones, tablets and laptops. The proliferation of mobile devices with high-quality cameras and social media sites where photographs can be easily posted is raising the risk of personal information being leaked, reports said. The National Institute of Informatics researchers were able to copy fingerprints based on photos taken by a digital camera nine feet away from the subject. “Just by casually making a peace sign…fingerprints can become widely available, “National Institute of Informatics researcher Isao Echizen told the `Sankei Shimbun’ newspaper.

Cyber Security Tips: Avoid to share your high resolution pics publically and keep your data safe and lock.

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