Data Security News Headlines 18th January, 2017

  1. Largest National Health Service in UK Faces Cyber Attack

The Barts Health NHS Trust in London UK has suffered an unspecified IT attack. First reports suspect that it was due to a ransomware attack, but that has since been ruled out. The Barts is the largest National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the London, United Kingdom. A number of offline drives are taken by the trust as a precautionary measure.

Cyber Security Tips: Don’t access any email you receive from any stranger. If you still have to access the email, then try not to click on any link or attachment present in email.

  1. Samsung SmartCams vulnerable to hackers

Security researchers have uncovered a critical and easy-to-exploit vulnerability in Samsung’s SmartCam range of cloud-based cameras that can be used by hackers and cybercriminals to gain complete control of the devices. The flaw exists in a set of scripts that allow for firmware updates to be sent to the devices over the internet. In the wake of this, Samsung released patches and made significant changes, yet according to the researchers, problems remain.

Cyber Security Tips: Always change the default username and password. The password you keep should be strong including numbers, alphabet and special characters.

  1. Italian siblings arrested for cyber attack

Italian police have arrested a nuclear engineer, Giulio Occhionero, 45 and his sister, Francesca Maria Occhionero, 49 for hacking into 18,000 high-profile email accounts, including the former Prime Minister. Authorities suspect that the siblings may have ties to the Freemasons, because the malware used in the hack was called “Eye Pyramid”, associated with Freemasonry. The widespread cyber-attack compromised communications of prominent Italian institutions and individuals, including Vatican’s two former Prime Ministers, Vatican cardinals, bank executives and other high profile targets. The illegally accessed information was stored on servers in the United States, leading to an ongoing investigation with the assistance of the FBI’s cyber division. The stolen data has been seized by Italian police and the FBI.


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