Data Security News Headlines 19th January, 2017

  1. Super Cell Hacked. 1.1 Million Accounts Stolen!

If you have a Supercell account then the time has come to change your password. If you don’t know supercell they are the creators of trending Games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach and HayDay. It is said that 1.1 Million accounts are hacked and the hackers have even started to trade the information of the victims. The hack affects the vBulletin forums belonging to Supercell. It is said that the breach occurred last year in the time September. The hacked data consists of email ID’s , hashed passwords and IP address of the users if you are on a static IP the hacker might know your IP now.

Cyber Security Tips: Older version of any type of softwares/programs should not be used. They should be updated regularly.

  1. Malware Campaign Targets Chrome Users

A recently observed malware distribution campaign has been specifically devised to target users of the Chrome browser on Windows-based computers. As soon as the visitor was determined to use this browser, the code injected in the page would make text unreadable, and a fake alert was displayed, prompting the user to download and install a file supposedly containing new fonts. The newly observed attack change was first noticed in December, when a compromised website was dropping the “Chrome_Font.exe” file onto visitors’ computers. The campaign uses the infamous EITest infection chain, which has been previously associated with numerous exploit kit attacks leading to ransomware, information stealers, and other malware.

Cyber Security Tips: Don’t ever fall for downloading any software from popup from any website.

  1. Cyber Criminals Held Cancer Services Computers for Ransom

Little Red Door is the name of the Cancer Services of East Central Indiana whose computer systems have been infected with a ransomware by cyber criminals. The attack occurred last week when the hackers attacked the terminal service and backup driver of Cancer Services’ computer systems. They managed to access, hack and encrypt the data. After carrying out the hack attack, the notorious gang of cyber criminals demanded $43,000 ransom.

Cyber Security Tips: Never click on any links or attachments you get from a stranger on your email or any other social networking sites.

  1. Our Private Cell Number On Facebook Is Not So Private

A Belgian hacker named Inti De Ceukelaire who is also a security researcher has recently discovered a new method that sabotages the Facebook’s claim to protect the users’ data through its comprehensive privacy setting features. The hacker has discovered that he can use this exploit and obtain cell phone numbers of users on Facebook, which they have kept private. According to De Ceukelaire, he can easily identify the cell phone numbers of well-known personalities including top politicians and “Flemish” celebs simply through checking out their Facebook profile. This is done by analyzing the numbers that are associated with their profiles.

Cyber Security Tips: Think twice before sharing anything out on internet. If you still share anything then pay attention on privacy settings.

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