Data Security News Headlines 21st January, 2017

  1. How A Bug Hunter Forced Apple to Completely Remove A Newly Launched Feature

In November, Apple introduced a new App Store feature, dubbed “Notify” button a bright orange button that users can click if they want to be alerted via iCloud Mail when any game or app becomes available on the App Store. Vulnerability Lab’s Benjamin Kunz Mejri discovered multiple vulnerabilities in iTunes’s Notify feature and iCloud mail, which could allow an attacker to infect other Apple users with malware according to news published in hacker news. If attacker successfully exploited the vulnerability results in session hijacking, persistent phishing attacks.

Cyber Security Tips: Apple yet not commented on this issue, users are recommended that be alert on this notify issue.

  1. Quimitchin Malware Targeting Mac Users also Compatible with Linux

IT security researchers have discovered a new malicious code which affects Mac and Linux systems. It has been dubbed by Apple Inc., as Fruitfly while Malwarebytes named it as Quimitchin, a name inspired by Aztec spies. This newly identified malware spy on biomedical research centers. It is being speculated that the malicious code has remained active for many years and has only been detected now. This malware has been designed to capture screenshots, compromise the webcam of Mac machine and simulate key presses and mouse clicks. Apart from these features, it also performs the regular malware function of providing the attacker or hacker the ability to remotely control the device according to report published in hackread.

Cyber Security Tips:  To protect from such malwares keep your network secured with reputed antivirus, avoid to open spam mails.

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