Data Security News Headlines 23rd January, 2017

  1. Lloyds hit with massive DDoS Attacks

An international hacker group is suspected to have launched a two-day long DDoS attack against Lloyds’ online services, which led to customers unable to check their account balances or make payments. The cyber attack affected Lloyds and its Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches; however no customers suffered any financial loss from the attack. It is still unclear as to whether hackers were able to access any of Lloyds’ sensitive corporate and/or user data.

Cyber Security Tips:  Use firewall and monitor your network and web traffic.

  1. Radio Station Transmission Hacked with F*** Donald Trump Song

A popular, non-profit radio station in Louisville “Crescent Hill Radio WCHQ 100.9 FM” was hijacked by hackers on Friday afternoon and an anti-trump song was broadcast on it instead of regular transmission. The radio station posted on Facebook about this. The post read: “OK, not funny. Someone has hacked into out transmitter tower, and the FM was playing a mp3 clip repeatedly of %$^# Donald Trump.” The song was continuously played for 15 minutes.

  1. Russian Hacker behind ‘NeverQuest’ Malware arrested in Spain

The Guardia Civil, Spanish law enforcement agency officers, have detained 32-year-old Stanislav Lisov at Barcelona–El Prat Airport based on an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol at the request of the FBI. Lisov is arrested on suspicion of creating and operating the NeverQuest Banking Trojan, a nasty malware that targeted financial institutions across the world and caused an estimated damage of $5 Million. NeverQuest banking Trojan provided fraudsters access to computers of people and financial institutions to steal banking data. The Trojan, which spreads itself via social media, email and file transfer protocols, can modify content on banking websites and inject rogue forms into these sites, allowing attackers to steal login credentials from users.

  1. Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) the next big thing!

A newly discovered family of ransomware is being offered via the Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model, allowing cybercriminals to easily customize their own versions of the malware. Dubbed Satan, the new ransomware family is available for any wannabe criminal, as the service only requires the creation of an account to get started. The Satan RaaS’ website greets visitors with information on what the service is all about, while registered users are provided with access to a console that helps them set up their version of the ransomware via multiple pages: Malwares, Droppers, Translate, Account, Notices, and Messages.

Cyber Security Tips: Don’t click on links that you receive from strangers on any social networking sites or emails.

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