Data Security News Headlines 28th February 2017

126 vBulletin forums hacked; 819,977 accounts leaked on hacking forums vBulletin (vB) is a proprietary Internet forum software package developed by vBulletin Solutions, Inc., a division of Internet Brands. It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database server. If you are user of VBulletin then there is bad news for you. There has... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 27th February 2017

Cybercrimes in Pune double in 2016 PUNE: Cybercrime frauds doubled in Pune in 2016 compared to the previous year. Altogether 332 cases related to cybercrime were filed in 2016. In most cases, the victims have succumbed to the allurement of gifts and quick returns and have given away their card details, including pin numbers, to... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 24th February 2017

Probe against 3 firms for illegal use of Aadhaar biometrics NEW DELHI: Three firms are being probed for attempting unauthorized authentication and impersonation by using stored Aadhaar biometrics. UIDAI has lodged a criminal complaint with the cyber cell of Delhi Police. The entities under the scanner are Axis Bank, Mumbai-based Suvidhaa Infoserve and Bengaluru-based eMudhra... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 23rd February 2017

11-Year Old Linux Kernel Local Privilege Escalation Flaw Discovered New privilege-escalation vulnerability has been discovered in Linux kernel and affects major distro of the Linux operating system, including Redhat, Debian, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu. Vulnerability is a use-after-free flaw in the way the Linux kernel's "DCCP protocol implementation freed SKB (socket buffer) resources for a DCCP_PKT_REQUEST... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 22nd February 2017

Unpatched Python and Java Flaws Let Hackers Bypass Firewall Using FTP Injection There are two popular languages Java and Python used for programming. The bad news for the programmer, because these two language contain similar security flaws that can be exploited to send unauthorized emails and bypass any firewall defenses. Hackers can take advantage to... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 17th February 2017

A Simple JavaScript Exploit Bypasses ASLR Protection On 22 CPU Architectures Security researchers have discovered a chip flaw that could nullify hacking protections for millions of devices regardless of their operating system or application running on them.  The vulnerability resides in the way the memory management unit (MMU), a component of many CPUs, works and... Continue Reading →

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