Data Security News Headlines 02nd February 2017

  1. PTI’s twitter account hacked, restored after 20 minutes

The twitter account of India’s premier news agency Press Trust of India was on Wednesday hacked for 20 minutes by a group called ‘Iranian Crack Security’ team. The group posted a tweet which said: “Best channel in the telegram join to channel and learn something news.” The group also changed the profile image of the agencies twitter account. The account was, however, restored within half an hour of hacking by the Iran-based group.

Cyber Security Tips: Keep your passwords strong with alphabets, numbers and special characters in it. Don’t reuse your passwords.

  1. Cocker Hill’s PD held to ransom by hackers; crucial digital evidence lost

Cocker Hill’s Police Department has revealed that its server was infected with ransomware and therefore, the department had to lose digital evidence from the past few years. As per the reports, the Police department of Cocker Hill lost digital data from as far as the year 2009 and officials suspect that Russian cyber-criminals are involved in the attack. The malware was “introduced onto the network from a spam email that had come from a cloned email address imitating a department-issued email address,” as stated in the official press release. After being compromised the department lost evidence that included all body cam video, some photos, some in-car video, and some police department surveillance video were lost. No files or confidential information was breached or obtained by any outside parties.

Cyber Security Tips: Don’t click on links provided in emails and attachments from unknown sources.

  1. New malware stealing login data, bitcoins from cryptocurrency wallets

A new malware that can steal bitcoin and passwords from cryptocurrency wallets on computers has been discovered. The malware is primarily targeting banking customers and the campaign is quite huge. The US and Singapore-based users are mainly targeted with this campaign. The malware is delivered in the form of executable attachment file via emails related to bank transfer. The cyber criminals are using bots to generate phony emails that appear to be sent by prominent and reliable banks including Emirates NDB and DBS. The file is usually in PDF format with the filename Swift_Copy.Pdf.exe. This malware is a type of keylogger as it can record almost everything that is typed by the user or victim on the keyboard. In fact, the location of the mouse’s clicks is also logged by the malware.

Cyber Security Tips: Never download files from an unknown email. Never click an unknown link on the Internet.

  1. Popular Playstation and Xbox Gaming Forums Hacked

If you own an account on one of the two hugely popular PlayStation and Xbox gaming forums then your details may have been exposed, as it has been revealed that the two popular video gaming forums, “XBOX360 ISO” and “PSP ISO,” has been hacked, exposing email addresses, account passwords and IP addresses of 2.5 Million gamers globally. The attackers hacked and breached both “XBOX360 ISO” and “PSP ISO” forums in September 2015, but the details of this massive hack just emerge. Mostly gamers who look for free versions of popular games are members of these two gaming forums. So, if you are one of those gamers using both forums or one of these forums, you are being advised to review your account and change the password for all of your accounts immediately.

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