Data Security News Headlines 07th February 2017

  1. Over 70pc of India’s ATMs vulnerable to hacking

The Finance Minister of India, Arun Jaitley has revealed in the Parliament that 70 percent of the total number of ATMs in the country are vulnerable to hacking. In India most of ATM are running on windows XP. Mr. Arun Jaitley said that the government was well aware of the situation and instructions had been issued to ensure that all banks and White Label ATM Operators start processing EMV Chip and PIN cards by September 30, 2017, for enhancing the security of card transaction at ATMs. He also said that ATMs are less vulnerable as they run on a closed user network. However, the process to upgrade ATMs is more complicated because the upgradation process also involves the merchants who have sold the machines to the banks in the first place.

Cyber Security Tips: Indian government need to upgrade their OS, because it can be exploited by hacker.

  1. Hacker takes over thousands of Printers; sends alerts to users

A critical vulnerability in printers has led to the hacking of thousands of printing devices not at just one location or city but across the globe. The flaw was exploited by a hacker called Stackoverflowin, who managed to hack 150,000 printers at a global level.  It happened due to critical vulnerability present in printer which are not connected to firewall. Hacking scenario is he used automated script and scanned the web for identifying printing devices containing open port 9100, Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) and Line Printer Daemon (LPD). Once he was successful in finding such devices, he immediately issued a command to the devices for carrying out rogue printing jobs.  After the hack successful the hacker also issued warning messages to the users of targeted printers. Some of the messages notified the recipient that the printer has been “Pwned” and that the device has now become a part of the “flaming botnet.”

Cyber Security Tips: Vulnerability is good invitation for hacker, to protect from such hacking do vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, to get good VAPT service visit:

  1. Polish Banks Hacked using Malware Planted on their own Government Site

Largest system hack in the country’s history and a massive attack on the financial sector, several banks in Poland have been infected with malware. The source of the malware infection is their own financial regulator, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) which, ironically, is meant to keep an eye out for the safety and security of financial systems in Poland. According to report published Polish banks discovered malicious executables on the workstations of several banks. The KNF confirmed that their internal systems had been compromised by someone “from another country,” although no specifications were provided. An unknown attacker compromised the KNF’s website for well over a week by modifying one of the site’s JavaScript files, making visitors to the regulator’s site load the malicious JavaScript file, which then downloaded the malicious payloads. The affected banks discovered the encrypted executable files on several servers and unusual network traffic going to uncommon IP addresses situated in other foreign countries. KNF and the Polish government confirmed local Polish media that the investigation is ongoing and that there is no indication of people’s money being affected in the attack and no operations were affected according to report published in hacker news.

Cyber Security Tips:  To protect from such attacks bank always need to improve their cyber security, keep update security product, users are strictly recommended that change your password and keep watch on your account.

  1. Organizations lose customers, revenue and business over cybersecurity breach

Mumbai: 22% of organizations that faced security a security breach lost customers in 2016 — with 40% of them losing more than 20% of their customer base — while more than 50% of organizations faced public scrutiny after a security breach, a Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report (ACR) said Monday. As per report published in ETCIO The research observed that 29% of organizations that faced a security breach lost revenue, with 38% of that group losing more than 20% of revenue, while 23% lost business opportunities, with 42% of them losing more than 20%. Operations and finance systems were the most affected, followed by brand reputation and customer retention.

Cyber Security Tips: Today business gaining loss due to cyber thread and attacks, to protect your organizations reputation in the market keep secure your organization. To get excellent security services visit


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