Data Security News Headlines 08th February 2017

  1. Indian hackers hack Facebook groups for posting teen, revenge porn images

A group of Kerala, India, based hacker group called Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW), which claim to be an ethical hacking collective. According to Indian newspaper Deccan Chronicle, KCW hacked into 59 Facebook profile pages and groups believed to be involved in sharing explicit content including child porn images. ‘Love Life Girls Love Sex,’ ‘Deepa and Sneha Fans’and ‘I love Ansiba’ are some of the hacked groups. KCW somehow located and took down 34 pages and 25 groups on Facebook for illegally sharing pornographic content involving women and minors. Some of the hacked pages or groups displayed intimate/private images of females of all ages while some were marketed as revenge porn sites on which users could upload pictures of their previous partners, Kerla police are investigating it and trying to remove such a groups.

Cyber Security Tips: Internet users are strictly recommended that keep safe yourself when you are using Facebook, avoid to participate in such groups, as well as when you are online avoid to click on any links.

  1. Smart TV Maker Fined $2.2 Million For Spying on Its 11 Million Users

You’re “smart” TV, as one of the world’s biggest smart TV makers Vizio has been caught secretly collecting its consumers’ data through over 11 Million smart TVs and then selling them to third-parties without the user’s explicit consent. But the good news is that the home entertainment hardware maker has been fined heavily for this practice. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Monday that Vizio had spied on almost every customer from its Vizio smart TVs through its Smart Interactivity feature. According to FTC, the smart TV maker installed data tracking software to collect viewing habits of 11 million of its smart TVs without informing its customers or seeking their consent. The company also collected each household’s IP address, nearby access points, and zip code, and shared that information with other third-party companies, who used it for targeting advertising towards Vizio TV owners. Vizio has agreed to stop unauthorized tracking, prominently disclose its TV viewing collection practices as per report published in hacker news.

Cyber Security Tips: Users can stop Smart TV from spying on you, to stop it follow the stepsOpen Setting Menu and Select System ->Select Reset & Admin->Select Smart Interactivity->Press arrow to change setting to off.

  1. Online staffing platform Elance hacked; 1.3 million accounts leaked

Elance was once the most reliable online staffing website on the Internet, but in 2013 it merged with oDesk, another platform bringing freelancers, job seekers and businesses together. According to news published in HackRead the data breach notification website Hacked-DB provided HackRead with exclusive information that in 2009, Elance suffered a massive data breach in which accounts of 1.3 million registered users were stolen. According to Yogev Mizrahi of Hacked-DB, the leaked database contains five text files with the data structure and information including the username, password (sha1), first name, last name, address (location) and telephone numbers of Elance users. There are 4.3 million accounts however most of them are duplicate and after deleting the duplicate accounts the total number of legitimate accounts are 1.3 million. Furthermore, there are 3,225,697 email accounts in the leak while the number of unique emails is 1,293,015. There are 253,576 Yahoo email accounts, 192,119 Gmail accounts, 192,043 Hotmail accounts and 271 .Gov accounts, the incident is eight year old.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strictly recommended that check your account, update your current password with new one and keep updating your password.

  1. 76 Famous iOS Apps Vulnerable to Silent Data Interception

The IT security researchers at, a service responsible for scanning the binary coding of iOS apps to identify any prevailing security flaws, 76 popular iOS apps are not safe to be used. suggests that these are extremely common apps, with a combined total of 18 million downloads. The research team at tested the shortlisted 76 apps, which included browser apps, Vice News app and various VPN apps and found all of them to be exploitable. Apparently, attackers can launch a silent man-in-the-middle attack using the inherent vulnerability and intercept, exploit and even steal crucial user data such as bank account login credentials. “Hundreds of applications” that are likely to have higher vulnerability to data interception. It was also identified that the App Transport Security feature, which is the highlight of iOS apps, is helpless in blocking the vulnerability from intercepting the data in motion. Strafach stated that to protect data, it is a better idea to switch off your Wi-Fi and cellular data as per report published in HackRead.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strictly recommended that avoid to use such apps, until the issues fix.

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