Data Security News Headlines 14th February 2017

  1. Gurgaon: Fake Snapchat account set up in teenager’s name, FIR filed

Gurgaon: A 15-year-old student of a leading Delhi school was shocked when her friends informed her about getting invites from a Snapchat account in her name with obscene pictures and vulgar messages. The friends sent her screenshots of the account since she could not access the account on her own due to privacy policies of Snapchat, an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. A resident of Gurgaon, the girl approached her parents and informed them about the incident.  An FIR under relevant sections of the Information Technology (IT) Act was filed at the DLF Phase-2 police station on Sunday. The Cyber Crime Cell has sought details of the IP address from which the fake account was created or operated. Inspector Sudeep Kumar, SHO DLF Phase-2 police station, said the FIR was filed after receiving a report from the cyber-crime cell. He said action will be taken against the culprit as soon as the cell is able to track him/her according to report published by Hindustan Times.  The case is under investigation said by police.

Cyber Security Tips: Social media users are strictly recommended that never share your personal pics on internet, if any hacking incident happened immediately contact with cyber cell.

  1. Amy Jackson to file complaint after personal pics leaked on social media

Mumbai: Amy Jackson became the latest victim of a cyber-crime when her phone was hacked and her personal pictures were leaked on the Internet. It is happened because her phone apparently got hacked at the store and her pictures started getting saved on cloud storage. Later, when Amy was in her hometown London, she could not access her account and also found some of her personal pictures from her phone on social media. After the incident happened she registered a complaint against unknown hacker.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect yourself from such hack keep your data secure, keep updated antivirus on your mobile, avoid to connect open WI-Fi.

  1. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs mails intercepted by Russian hackers

According to the Italian government, Russian hackers have broken into their network and intercepted the emails of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a leading newspaper, The Edition reported. The attacks began last spring and lasted four months. Contacts in the Italian Prosecution Service, pleading the cause, said, that there is confidence that hackers failed to reveal the encoding the edition noted. The Italian Prosecution Service confirmed that Russia involved in cyber-attacks. There are no reports of any specific individual involved. The report came from the “anonymous sources, but Russia has not confirm yet.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect your organization network from such hacking attacks, keep monitoring your network, keep filtering using security product, using reputed antivirus.

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