Data Security News Headlines 21st February 2017

  1. EA Servers Go Down; Battlefield 1 Servers Facing Outage

EA servers are down impacting Battlefield 1’s players in the United States and Europe with connectivity issues on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The outage began around 4 pm today blocking players from online activities. According to report the reason is not displayed yet. DownDetector, a website which keeps an eye on online platforms suffering outage has also confirmed that Battlefield 1’s servers are down. DD’s live EA outage map shows the servers are down in the US and Europe. Company is not commented yet, but it may be happened by DDOS.

Cyber Security Tips:   Today most of the servers are facing this problem due to DDOS attack. To protect your servers from such attack keep monitoring your servers, keep packet filtering on server, use firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

  1. Gun Retailer Airsoft GI’s Forum Hacked; 65,000 User Accounts Leaked

A hacker is claiming to have hacked the official web forum of a gun retailer Airsoft GI and uploaded its data on Dropbox.  The data was first discovered by data mining company Hacked-DB who found out that the total number of stolen user accounts is 70,000, but after an in-depth scan it turned out that 5,000 accounts were a duplicate and the exact number of stolen accounts are 65,215. According to news published in Hackread compromised data contains username, password, IP address, email. Among the data, there are 40,521 Gmail accounts, 3,261 Yahoo accounts, 2,760 Outlook and 2,760 Hotmail accounts. The total number of unique IPs is 17,364. According to report the forum SSL certificate is already expired and Chrome users can see “Not Secure Connection” warning. Also, the forum which is based on phpBB (Free and Open Source Forum Software) is vulnerable to simple SQL injection attack making it easier for the hackers to steal whatever is stored on the server.

Cyber Security Tips: To protect from such hacking keep your website up to date, scan for vulnerabilities, and apply patches. Regularly perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). To get excellent VAPT service visit

3. Emily Ratajkowski’s nude photos leaked

Emily Ratajkowski’s again a victim of hack. And this time around 200 photos of the model are said to have been leaked online following an iCloud hack. The latest hack was brought to light after Celebrity Big Brother contestant Helen Wood said she was sent a link to the 25-year-old model’s images by a sender who wanted them included in her Daily Star column. Ratajkowski was also the victim of a hacking scandal back in 2014 when a number of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco saw their private photographs leaked online.

Cyber security Tips: TO protect your iCloud, keep strong password, keep monitoring your account, keep changing password.

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