Data Security News Headlines 3rd April 2017

  1. Suspected North Korean hacker attacks South Korea’s National Police Agency

The South Korean police are targeted by the hacker by sending malicious emails. According to reports received by Daily NK on March 28, an email entitled, “Precautionary rules for hacking attacks” was released on the morning of March 27, as a spear phishing attack targeting specific personnel related to defector organizations and human rights in North Korea. The aim of the attack was to take control of email accounts and passwords. The attack launched on March 27 showed similar patterns to those observed in the past. Emails were sent to victims with an attached text file entitled “Precautionary rules for hacking attacks.hwp.” The attachment was designed so that upon opening the file, malicious code is activated to extract information and transmit sensitive files on the victim’s computer to a cloud server.

Cyber Security Tips:  To protect from such a phishing attack never open spam mails, avoid to open emails which are come from unknown persons, avoid to click on any links and keep using reputed antivirus in your system to detect malicious activities.

  1. New Android ransomware can bypass your antivirus

Antivirus or anti-virus software, sometimes known as anti-malware software, is computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. But now your antivirus can be bypass with latest ransomware app. A new ransomware app has been spotted in the wild, which could easily bypass your mobile anti-virus allowing the app to lock your device. As per reports, the app is currently targeting Russian users, and so far hundreds of Android users have been victimized. Once the users download the app, it will not immediately attack the users; rather it sits quietly for hours before launching the attack. After a few hours, the app begins to execute the code, and un-dismissable popups keep appearing until the hacker gets what he wants.

Cyber Security Tips:  The only way to get rid of the ransomware app is by booting the device in safe Mood, removing the device administrator account and deleting the app and avoid to download apps from unknown sources.


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