Data Security News Headlines 18th April 2017

  1. Metro Rajiv Chowk station advertising screens hacked, plays porn

Delhi: Playing porn videos on advertising screen is not new for us, latest target is  Indian busy metro Rajiv Chowk station.  This x-rated footage was broadcasted on a TV screen that’s usually reserved for different commercials and advertisements in general. These advertisements mostly include credit card schemes or luxury property, and nothing like this has ever been witnessed before. One of the spectators started filming the broadcast on his phone, and upon uploading the clip on the internet.  A spokesperson for DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation), Mohinder Yadav, stated that the authorities suspect of three individuals for the incident and that they’re currently trying to identify the culprits according to news published by HackRead.

Cyber Security Tips:  To prevent from such a hacking keep public Wi-Fi secured, use registration methods for using Wi-Fi, keep your advertisement screen secured with strong password and keep blocking the malicious links.

  1. Online friend uploads morphed images of girl

Mumbai: A-16-year-old girl from Borivali has lodged a complaint with the cyber-crime cell of the Mumbai Police for uploads morphed images. The youth, operating his Facebook, Instagram and Messenger account in the name Raj Malhotra, which police say may be a fake name, had been sharing the victim’s morphed image and video.  Malhotra has been harassing the victim, a Class XII student, for over two months. He increased the frequency of putting up the victim’s pictures in the past 15 days, leading to the police complaint. In a complaint, she said that some unknown person in her Facebook friends’ list was sharing her morphed images and videos online.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from such clams users are recommended that avoid to accept unknown persons friend request, avoid to share your personal details with unknown and if any incident happened with you immediately contact with the cyber cell.

  1. This Phishing Attack is Almost Impossible to Detect On Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Attackers are targeting users through phishing attack when the user is online. A Chinese InfoSec researcher has discovered a new phishing attack which is impossible to detect. According to researcher hackers can use a known vulnerability in the Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers to display their fake domain names as the websites of legitimate services, like Apple, Google, or Amazon to steal login or financial credentials and other sensitive information from users. If your web browser is displaying “” in the address bar secured with SSL, but the content on the page is coming from another server (as shown in the above picture), then your browser is vulnerable to the homograph attack.  A homograph attack is based on standards of modern Internet that allow to create URLs with characters from various language sets (with non-ASCII letters).The companies are currently working on the issues said researcher.

Cyber Security Tips: For Firefox users following are some temporary mitigation;

  1. Type about:config in address bar and press enter.
  2. Type Punycode in the search bar.
  3. Browser settings will show parameter titled: network.IDN_show_punycode, double-click or right-click and select Toggle to change the value from false to true.

Internet users are strictly recommended that manually type website URLs in the address bar for important sites like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or banking websites, instead of clicking any link mentioned on some website or email, to prevent against such undetectable attacks.

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