Data Security News Headlines 12th April 2017

Unpatched Microsoft Word Flaw is Being Used to Spread Dridex Banking Trojan Microsoft word 0-day vulnerability could allow attacker Spread Dridex Banking Trojan. According to the security firm Proofpoint, the Dridex malware started exploiting the unpatched Microsoft Word vulnerability to spread a version of their infamous Dridex banking Trojan. Dridex also known as Bugat and... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 11th April 2017

China-based hacker group targeting Indian firms Indian market is growing very fast. Indian manufacturing companies may be targeted by chines hacker said FireEye. China-based cyber espionage group APT10 has targeted a number of manufacturing companies and IT service providers in India, using both traditional and novel methods, as part of its systematic global hacking operations.... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 10th April 2017

Beware of an Unpatched Microsoft Word 0-Day Flaw being Exploited in the Wild Opening Microsoft word file could compromise your system. Security researchers are warning of a new in-the-wild attack can installs malware on your patched computers by exploiting a unpatched zero-day vulnerability in all current versions of Microsoft Office on fully-patched PCs. Researchers from... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 7th April 2017

Pegasus Spyware Discovered in Android Pegasus Spyware is previously found in devices which are running iOS. It was found attacking iPhone devices in August 2016. Pegasus uses three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS, which at that time were not identified.  Pegasus spyware is again back but this time is in android. According to researcher Google and... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 6th April 2017

Samsung’ Tizen OS Contains Tons of Critical Security Flaws Samsung uses Tizen OS in its mobile phones, smart TVs, and smartwatches. Samsung states that Tizen is an open-source OS. According to the company’s November 2016 statistics, the OS was used in 50 million devices including Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and their Smart TVs. If you... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 5th April 2017

Update Your Apple Devices to iOS 10.3.1 to Avoid Being Hacked Over Wi-Fi The Security researcher found few critical vulnerabilities in iOS 10.3 and one of which could allow hackers to "execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip. The vulnerability, identified as CVE-2017-6975, was discovered by Google's Project Zero staffer Gal Beniamini. Apple describes the... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 4th April 2017

Three Nigerian arrested in UAE for blackmailing five senior White House officials Dubai Police has arrested a group of African hackers who allegedly blackmailed five senior White House officials after hacking into their email accounts. All three will be handed over to US authorities after they will complete their jail term in the UAE. According... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 3rd April 2017

Suspected North Korean hacker attacks South Korea’s National Police Agency The South Korean police are targeted by the hacker by sending malicious emails. According to reports received by Daily NK on March 28, an email entitled, "Precautionary rules for hacking attacks" was released on the morning of March 27, as a spear phishing attack targeting... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 1st April 2017

Aadhaar can be hacked, data leaked, government finally admits Delhi: In the recent past, there have been several cases of UID data being compromised with. While the government has constantly denied any possibility of a compromise. The New Indian Express published on Friday a report on how the NDA government has acknowledged that personal identity... Continue Reading →

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