Data Security News Headlines 4th May 2017

  1. Youth held for posting obscene videos of girls

Nanded: A 26-year-old youth named Vijay Gulabsingh Rathod, 26 from Nanded was arrested by the Cyber Cell of Mumbai Crime Branch on Wednesday for allegedly uploading obscene videos of some girls on a website and identifying them as students of a medical college staying at a civic body-run hostel. The video is uploaded on April 21 and even named the hostel the girls stayed in a hostel. This video was noticed by one of the doctors of the college and he immediately informed the authorities. A complaint was lodged with Nagpada police,” said a senior officer from the Mumbai Crime Branch. The police started an investigation and trace IP It led them to Rathod.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are recommended to call cyber cell if any incident happened with you, check for hidden cameras and be aware of such peoples.

  1. Warning! Don’t Click that Google Docs Link You might be hacked!

If you are receiving google doc links and trying to open it, wait you might be hack. According to a new report, hackers are sending a very convincing OAuth phishing email, which says that the person [sender] “has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” Once you clicked the link, you will be redirected to a page which says, “Google Docs would like to read, send and delete emails, as well access to your contacts,” asking your permission to “allow” access. If you allow the access, the hackers would immediately get permission to manage your Gmail account with access to all your emails and contacts, without requiring your Gmail password. You need to know that the real Google Docs invitation links do not require your permission to access your Gmail account. Once the app controlled by the attacker with permissions to manage your email, it automatically sends same Google Docs phishing email to everyone on your contact list on your behalf.

Cyber Security Tips: You are strictly recommended to avoid to opening such phishing mail, never click on allow access.  You can remove permissions for the fraudulent “Google Docs” app from your Google account. Here’s how you can remove permissions:

  1. Go to your Gmail accounts permissions settings at and Sign-in.
  2. Go to Security and Connected Apps.
  3. Search for “Google Docs” from the list of connected apps and Remove it. It’s not the real Google Docs.
  4. Google Patches 6 Critical Android Mediaserver Bugs in May Security Update

There is some vulnerability exists in Mediaserver – an Android component that handles the processing of image and video files and has been a source of many issues over the past few years, including the critical Stagefright vulnerabilities. According to the Google security bulletin for Android, the vulnerability has been patched by google and release patches. According to the search engine giant, the Mediaserver critical vulnerability “could enable remote code execution on an affected device through multiple methods such as email, web browsing, and MMS when processing media files. The vulnerability could be exploited by an attacker by tricking users into downloading a specially crafted multimedia file on their devices, or sharing the media file via email or other messaging apps and remotely execute arbitrary code.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strictly recommended to update their android with latest patches.

  1. Unity 3D Forums Hacked!

The Ourmine were targeted different forums previously, the group is back again and this time the victim is Unity 2D forum.  The incident happened on 30th April by the Saudi Arabia-based OurMine hacking group to compromise the forum’s security and leave a note stating “Hacked by OurMine! Your Security is low.” Unity 3D administrators have acknowledged the hack but stated that no password was stolen in the attack and that the 2FA Authentication will be introduced to the forums for better security. The company said in the statement our public forum website was attacked and successfully compromised due to poorly implemented password routines; our investigations show no theft of passwords in this attack, nor impact to any other Unity service. The reason is not cleared how the hacker hacked the forum, but researcher said that is happened due to previous data breaches.

Cyber security Tips: Unity 3D forum users are strictly recommended to reset their password with strong one as soon as possible and keep updating it.

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