Data Security News Headlines 30th May 2017

  1. Chinese Scam Website Caught Selling Hacked Xbox Accounts

A Chinese website has been selling these in-game currencies at incredible discounts and it is likely that you may have come across the website in your quest to search for more. The website has been reported to have hacked the Xbox accounts of those who have bought the in-game currency with their credit cards. Fortunately, Microsoft found out about the scam and has now filed a lawsuit (court document) against the company, reports The Verge. The website is up and currently selling coins despite the lawsuit. If you are crazy for in-game currencies, then it is likely that your account has been hacked as well. Essentially, the website asked for the user’s account and once the user agreed to buy some of the in-game currency or any other piece of item, the website acquired one’s credit card details. According to the report, the company has earned $2 million by carrying out the scam.

Cyber Security Tips:  You are strictly recommended that if you are having an account on Xbox immediately change your account password.

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