Data Security News Headlines 31st July 2017

Over 2,000 cyber-crime cases lodged in last 6 months Pune: Cybercriminals have become more brazen, preying upon the citizens with alarming regularity. The number of cases reported in just the first half of 2017 is a whopping 763% higher than the whole of 2015. Till the end of June, the police had registered 2,038 cases,... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 29th July 2017

Beware, your Facebook photo may be used on a porn site Beware, your Facebook photo may be used on a porn site and hackers can demand money. According to the latest report Criminals are demanding money to delete morphed pictures of social media users or are hacking into their accounts to fleece friends connected to... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 28th July 2017

Lucknow: Three cases of cyber-crime reported in a day LUCKNOW: Three cases of fraud were reported to the cyber-cell of city police on Wednesday. Indiranagar businessman Sanjiv Gupta became a victim of card cloning and lost Rs 39,400. In another case, a man identified as Rohit Prajapati of Balaganj lost Rs 20,000 in online fraud.... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 27th July 2017

Firm loses Rs 40 lakh to online fraud Mumbai-based firm has been cheated of Rs 40 lakh by an unidentified person online.  The Mumbai-based cloth merchant was in business with a France-based company, from where they would order raw material. According to the report, the hacker created a dummy email account of their France-based supplier... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 26th July 2017

Experts Unveil Cyber Espionage Attacks by CopyKittens Hackers The Security researchers have discovered a new, massive cyber espionage campaign that mainly targets people working in government, defense and academic organizations in various countries. According to the researchers CopyKittens (aka Rocket Kittens), the cyber espionage group has been active since at least 2013 and has targeted... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 15th July 2017

Multiplex workers in card cloning racket GURUGRAM: A four-member gang of cyber criminals, in their early-to-mid 20s, who cheated many people by cloning credit and debit cards, was busted on Friday. The accused had duped around 50 people of over Rs 20 lakh in total, in only the last three months, by employing a unique... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 13th July 2017

Million Verizon Customers' Data Exposed On Unprotected AWS Server Verizon the largest telecommunication company has suffered from data breach.  According to a latest report, over 14 million US customers' personal details were exposed on the Internet after NICE Systems, a third-party vendor, mistakenly left  sensitive users’ details open on a server. Chris Vickery, researcher and... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 12th July 2017

Adwind RAT Returns! Targeting Aerospace Industries Adwind, which had previously targeted various users, is back again. Security researchers have discovered that Adwind, a popular cross-platform Remote Access Trojan written in Java, has re-emerged and is currently being used to target enterprises in the aerospace industry. Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, and the US have by far been... Continue Reading →

Data Security News Headlines 11th July 2017

Kamya Panjabi claims her Instagram was hacked Hacking Instagram account is not new for us, the latest victim is Kamya Panjabi.  Kamya Panjabi had recently supported the Lipstick Under My Burkha campaign, #LipstickRebellion, by posting a bold backless picture. However, after a couple of hours, the picture got deleted which led to assumption that she... Continue Reading →

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