Data Security News Headlines 3rd July 2017

  1. WhatsApp-Facebook Hacking! 31 cases registered.

Nashik: WhatsApp and Facebook accounts of 31 people have been hacked and morphed messages have been sent by the hacker from these accounts thereafter. According to a news report published by Loksatta, accounts of 31 peoples have been hacked within 2-3 days. The victims of this hack included doctors, businessmen, and models as well as college students.  According to the cyber cell report, the hackers have been targeting the users through fake links. Once the account is hacked successfully the hacker has been sending obscene messages from such accounts. According to the report, the hacker is also able to access victim’s mobile data.

Cyber security Tips: To prevent WhatsApp hacking users are strongly recommended to improve their cyber security, avoid clicking on any links, enable two-way authentication, lock your WhatsApp account, Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in photo roll Hide ‘last seen’ timestamp, Restrict access to profile picture, Deactivate WhatsApp if you lose your phone, Remember to log out of WhatsApp Web and avoid chatting with unknown people.

  1. WordPress Plugin Used by 300,000+ Sites Found Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attack

The Sucuri team discovered a SQL Injection vulnerability in one of the most popular WordPress plugins, WP Statistics.  WP Statistic plugin installed on over 300,000 websites, which could be exploited by hackers to steal databases and possibly hijack the affected sites remotely. WP Statistics plugin, which allows site administrators to get detailed information related to the number of users online on their sites, the number of visits and visitors, and page statistics. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could allow an attacker, with at least a subscriber account, to steal sensitive information from the website’s database and possibly gain unauthorized access to websites. The WordPress team had patched the vulnerability in its latest version WP Statistics version 12.0.8.

Cyber Security Tips: The vulnerability has been pated in latest version WP Statistics version 12.0.8, users and administrators are strongly recommended to update plugin with latest one.


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