Data Security News Headlines 14th July 2017

  1. Rights panel site hacked

Ranchi: The website of Jharkhand State Human Rights Commission has been hacked and its pages defaced with anti-government messages, and although experts believe the security breach may have happened on or around July 4, no one in the commission had any clue until today. The moment the website ( ) is opened, a window pops up with a message headlined, “Hacked by Mr. H1DD3N”. The text that follows is targeted at the government, including the Prime Minister, and condemns the “killing” of minorities and “beef-eaters”. The “About” tab of the website opens up another message that reads, “hacked by vizt3r: p”, while the “Contacts” tab opens up to “hacked by SID GIFARI”. Vineet Kumar, a Ranchi cyber expert, said: “SID GIFARI” or “vzt3r” were common names, like Twitter handles, used by anonymous hackers. “It is possible the hackers may have used proxy servers routing it through Japan. Going by the history, the website seems to have been hacked on July 4,” said Kumar, who was in Delhi, but got his office in the state capital to study the breach.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent from your website being hacked you are strongly recommended to keep your website secure, keep website CMS up-to-date, keep your web server secure, keep using web application firewall to defend against web application attacks and do vulnerability assessment to check website weaknesses.

  1. Researcher Claims Samsung’s Tizen OS is Poorly Programmed; Contains 27,000 Bugs!

Previously lots of vulnerabilities are discovered in Tizen OS, according to the latest report Samsung’s Tizen operating system that runs on millions of Samsung products is so poorly programmed that it could contain nearly 27,000 programming errors, which could also lead to thousands of vulnerabilities.  Tizen is a Linux-based open-source operating system backed by Intel and Samsung Electronics, which has been in development since early 2012 and designed for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, cameras, and PCs. According to Andrey Karpov founder of Russia-based Company Program Verification Systems that made PVS-Studio, a static code analyzer tool that helps programmers to find and fix bugs in their source codes — his team has discovered hundreds of errors in Tizen project using PVS-Studio. Samsung’s Tizen operating system, written in C/C++ programming language, currently has 72.5 million lines of source code, out of which Karpov’s team has analyzed some randomly chosen modules i.e. 3.3% of the entire Project and found nearly 900 errors according to the news published by Hacker News.

Cyber Security Tips: The company should shift their focus mainly towards the security of the operating system in Tizen 4.0, which is due for release in September so users are recommended to keep monitoring their devices.

  1. Beware – “Fake Tor Browser Rodeo” Scamming Unsuspecting Users

A fake browser called Rodeo that imitates Tor browser has been discovered luring users to create their accounts on the website which is essentially present in the dark web. The fake website is a marketplace for all kinds of illegal products stealing money from users.  The website offers access to a dark web marketplace called the Rodeo Marketplace. It apparently offers everything from drugs to unlocked phones and other types of illegal merchandise. An investigation conducted by Lawrence Abrams discovered of BleepingComputer revealed that the website is being distributed through YouTube tutorials. Once the marketplace is loaded, users are asked to create an account in order to make purchases. However, the orders placed are simply meant to fool the users as the products do not get delivered.

Cyber Security Tips: Users are strongly recommended avoid to visit such a fake site and keep yourself away from such scams.


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