Data Security News Headlines 29th July 2017

  1. Beware, your Facebook photo may be used on a porn site

Beware, your Facebook photo may be used on a porn site and hackers can demand money. According to the latest report Criminals are demanding money to delete morphed pictures of social media users or are hacking into their accounts to fleece friends connected to them through these sites. A Vihar resident victims recently lost Rs 20,000 to anonymous cyber crooks. The victim says that her profile photo from Facebook, in which she was standing on a beach, was copied, edited and a slideshow of her morphed nude images was put up on a porn site. The criminals contacted the victim and demanded money. But despite paying the amount, the pictures were not deleted.

Cyber Security Tips: To prevent yourself from such hacker you are strongly recommended that, never make your private photos public, avoid adding unknown peoples in your network, never share your personal photos with unknown person, avoid clicking on any links while online, to change the privacy;

  • Go to your profile and click Photos
  • Click Albums
  • Click on the album you want to change the privacy of
  • Click Edit
  • Use the audience selector tool under Privacy to control who can see your album.

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